Friday, July 18, 2008

3 more weeks!

I am obsessed with the Olympics. To the point I'm a little concerned it will interfere with the first impression I make on Brett's family when we visit them in August. We will be there during the opening ceremonies and I can just see it now, "Um, Mrs. Smith, you're blocking the tv. Ahem, Mr. Smith, could you keep it down? I can't hear the Chinese national anthem. Dinner, yeah I'll be right there, right after fencing."

When I was 9, I remember watching the '88 Olympics and having a teensy crush on Greg Louganis, which my grandmother liked to rub in. Hmm, I guess she had more finely tuned gaydar than I did back then. But, he was hot.

Today I am wasting time and watching some track meet going on in France. They just called a 5'8" woman diminutive. Right.

But since we're talking serious athletes :) here is a pic of me and Kate, sleepy eyed, before a July 5 5K.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Someone recently told me that I have a nice life

...and I tend to agree. Fourth of July weekend was spent at my sister's beautiful new house in Glen Burnie, MD. I got to see one of my BFFs, Courtney, and her handsome family. We all got crabs from Kyle and I burned my leg on a sparkler trying to be cool. Courtney and Katie gave me the thumbs up on Brett, a good thing because even though I would still love him, I think I love him more now that he passes inspection from my girls. Katie and I spent many hours on sisterly pursuits, including but not limited to sleeping side by side on twin air mattresses, splitting 2 pitchers of beer among ourselves and Kyle and taking shelter from a soaking summer rain with a pashmina. After I got back to Atlanta, another BFF, Megan, showed up for two days! We had a fabulous time eating and drinking at my favorite Atlanta spots and trying to figure out exactly why Megan didn't come to Emory for law school. M also approved of Brett, so another little victory.

But alas, now it is Sunday and the fun is almost over. But the someone who told me I had a nice life included in it my job, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Hope everyone is well!