Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You... Part three

Okay, okay, you might be over this by now but I think it's fun :)

Are you a size 6 shoe who is more Charlotte than Samantha? More Zooey Deschanel than Megan Fox? Do you love wingtip details, spectator styling, grosgrain ribbon and an office-appropriate 3" heel? All in shiny chocolate leather?

Leave me a comment.

Oh and by the way, have you noticed that the sizes I have mentioned have varied from size 6 to 8? Yes, I am one of those girls who will squeeze her foot into something gorgeous and on sale or swear that a Dr. Scholls insert will make a too big shoe fit just fine.

*Note: These shoes, too, have very few miles on them. The cuteness did not override the pain this time!

Are you... The Sequel


In an effort to streamline my shoe wardrobe, clean out my closet and my life, and pretty much just do whatever it takes to fit into our new 800 square foot existence, now's your chance to benefit!

Are you a size 7 or 7.5 shoe who loves shiny black patent leather, soft black suede, 5.5" heels and the opportunity to flaunt your inner pin-up girl via your footwear?

If so, please leave me a comment. I'll leave this open a little longer than I did for the last pair!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

culture schmulture

A few posts back I went on about how this was to be the year of the classics, citing Dumas, Bronte, Tolstoy, and while I am slowly making it through the great books, I have sort of stumbled upon some equally great books.

To preface, I sort of rejected the whole chick lit movement for a long time, I just felt like those books were whiny and too stereotypically female and just not worth my time. Then a couple years ago I picked up an Emily Giffin book at the airport and just could not put it down. I think it was Something Borrowed. The flight during which I devoured most of the book was to NYC for a photo shoot and I just could not get through that shoot fast enough! I had to get back to my hotel room and finish the book. I did finish it and then left my hotel in SoHo just long enough to find a bookstore to get her follow up novel,
Something Blue. So obviously they were good enough to keep me more entertained inside a Holiday Inn express in Manhattan than exploring that city! I later learned that Emily Giffin is married to one of the execs at my company and I met her at a local signing. She's great, read her books :)

This past week at work was full of very tedious retouching and was virtually meeting free, so I had a lot of me time at my desk. I often will listen to an audio book while I work and while perusing iTunes, I saw the Shopaholic series. I downloaded the last book first (Shopaholic and Baby), don't ask me why, and it was so cute. I never realized those books were by a British author and set in London, which for some reason, elevates them for me just a tad. Now I am obsessed, almost through the first one (Confessions of a Shopaholic). It is scary how relatable this book is. I think I used to be one. Not just a shopaholic, but just totally blind to my finances. I really had no idea what I used to spend money on and would have no problem dropping obscene amounts at the mall a couple times a month. I was
alone in a big city and I guess I just felt I owed it to myself to splurge. I have been a lot better in the past couple years and since we got married, I don't think a dollar has been spent that I can't account for. And I feel sooooo incredibly good about it.

Guess what movie I'll be renting this weekend?

We are currently going through a class, Financial Peace University. It is taught by Dave Ramsey, a financial guru who is funny, smart and very down to earth. We coincidentally started the class about a month into our marriage and I cannot recommend it enough for couples. It just puts you on such a good path together. For me, it has become sort of a game now to see what I can avoid spending or at least to really consider most purchases. Not to go on about it, but if you have any turbulence in your financial life or want good, easy to understand advice about investing and retirement, I highly recommend it. We have also made some great new couple friends at this class and, miracle of miracles, we have started going to the Catholic church where the class is held. I guess that's what we need right now and I feel so happy to be back in a church routine. I don't know why really. That is another post entirely.

Anyway, has anyone else read these books? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

last night...

Last night I ran to Border's at the last minute to get Brett a little something for Valentines Day, (he got me orange roses) and had a fun surprise! I was headed towards check out and noticed a girl crouched by the wedding magazines so I decided to see if maybe, just maybe, our magazine had been published yet and there it was!!! It was kind of a downer to see it by myself, I wanted to run up and show a stranger, but I contained myself. I may have mentioned it to the cashier when he asked why I was buying 9 copies, but I think I sounded really cool and casual. Not. Anyway, exciting.

I feel really lucky to have this. I have been struggling to decide what wedding stuff I should/need/want to keep. Do I keep every card we received? Will I want this stuff in 50 years? I have been in a major tossing out, downsizing mood lately but don't want to be too hasty. I know I love looking at my relatives old things...

Brides, please tell me, what did you keep? What did you toss?

They did a great job with the write up! A couple's relaxed ceremony at a midtown bistro celebrates the season and the bride's love of color and design. Perfect!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy valentines day

metallic bronze ink and pearlescent paper

I made these cards at a silkscreen class, I am addicted. It's nice to actually create something (mix up inks, choose papers, etc.) instead of all the clicking I do all day everyday. Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day. I was lazy and only got a few cards out... so please be my virtual valentine :)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I weren't already married...

this guy might be the one. I love his jam packed-modern art-board game-Catcher in the Rye sensibility. All in 178 square feet. Here is a link to an article and here is some eye candy/designer porn/small space inspiration...

Monday, February 8, 2010

condo project #1: part 2

I think I may have found a good solution for the bedside tables. I love tray tables, modern design and items that are not too feminine, not too masculine, especially for a couple's bedroom. At first I saw butler tray tables at West Elm that I liked, but they definitely went over my price restriction and when I actually measured, they were too bulky for our small space. Not to be deterred, I continued to scour the internet. Um, when you search for tray tables, you sure do find a lot of crap. I just happened to be on the cb2 site today, not during work hours of course, and found this! I think it's a great solution. I can glam up my side and he can man up his side. About $50 each, they are just within my budget.

Side note: they do come in orange, and I really should go for it, but with the blue bedroom walls it would be a little too Lady Stoners. But can you ever really be too Lady Stoners? Yes, probably.

Other side note: when the West Elm clearance dresser was delivered, it had a little flaw in it. While it was just a small flaw, and it was on sale, I still felt like this would bother me every time I looked at it for years to come. So I called and didn't out right complain, just expressed my disappointment. West Elm to the rescue! They didn't have any more of the dresser in that finish, but agreed to send me a different finish (that I like even better) at no extra charge! They are awesome. Customer service A+

Sunday, February 7, 2010

her fabulous prize!

Here's what A has won! I got these shoes on clearance when I was shopping for my wedding and they were too big but I couldn't return them. I am cleaning out all sorts of stuff to get ready to move and just couldn't give these to the Salvation Army, they're too cute!

Hope you enjoy, Alison :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Are you...

a size 7.5 or 8 shoe and love orange? If so, you may have won a fabulous prize. Please leave a me comment...