Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bah humbug, hipsters!

Today we were shopping in the Little 5 Points neighborhood in Atlanta. It is sort of Haigt-Ashbury meets London, in a hippie meets punk sort of way, with a little Rastafarian flavor thrown in for good measure. Anyway, from that description you can probably infer that Brett and I are not your typical L5P patrons, but we can usually fake our way through pretty well. Or at least drive through on our way to Target without issue.

Today we were on our way back from a Target run (hey-I'm not gonna lie, come on, yuppies unite!) and decided to stop there to go to a skate shop (not ice skates, skateboards) to buy some skinny jeans for Brett's 14 year-old little brother, James. I should add that he is part of the Big Brother Big Sister program and that his biological little brother is 26. Gosh, there are a lot of tangents in this post! So we go into this lovely little shop and inquire politely about some skater brand James likes and the dude "working" there is all, "that is not a skate board brand. You might find that at the mall but not here." Then he proceeds to lecture us about how it's really hard to buy jeans for teenagers and it's really like finding a needle in a haystack (he really said that. How's that for slick hipster jargon?), all in a very snotty way. Um, I have very little retail experience, but normally when a potential customer enters your store eagerly trying to make a purchase, you ENCOURAGE it, maybe even go for the upsell. "Sorry, guys, I'm not familiar with that brand, but check out these great shirts, the kids love 'em. We also have a rad selection of trucker hats and some sweet new DG shoes... " Something like that. 

Um, thanks. We'll try Pac Sun. 

Too pooped to blog

I am too tired to do justice to our Costa Rican vacation today, so let's just say we enjoyed it con mucho gusto. That really means "you're welcome" but it literally translates to "with much pleasure" so as bad as my Spanish is, I think I'm going to take license to use it here. 

More to come but here we are soaking in some pura vida (okay, and maybe some tequila), never wanting to come home.

Yes, that's one of my many bikinis... and a not so sexy tanline from running all summer.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cold Turkey!

Brett and I spent a chilly few days with my dad and relatives in Watertown, NY. As usual, I was inappropriately dressed for the weather but we still managed to come away with warm hearts. Dad and Brett got along and I had a chance to reconnect with some wonderful friends I haven't seen in a long long time. 

Other highlights included an hour spent poring over dad's childhood football scrapbook, Pat's sweet potato casserole with coconut and orange zest, a really good dirty martini, a trip upstairs at my grandmother's house which brought back great memories, and despite all the delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, a DiGiorno pizza with my honey at 1 am.

I also took the time to make some pictures of a few objects from dad's workbench that have been part of my peripheral vision my whole life. It was fun to make them the subject of some photos instead of just popping up in the background.

Dad's extension cord collection. These came in handy when we ate breakfast in the basement for a month while the Leroy Street house was renovated in '92.

Dad's toolbox. This sticker has been there since before I was born. Must be some industrial strength adhesive, no?

I never noticed this before, but there is a star on the cast metal stern of our old boat. I think it is a StarCraft boat, so that makes sense! Note the faded, frayed blue rope... Love it.

Dad's ice skates! Probably purchased at MVP Sports in Potsdam. These skates made quick work of the Rideau Canal many a winter.

Cool! Dad's saw. Wonder if this was the same one that gave me the scar on my knee. Love the weathered wood handle, but why does it look like it has devil horns?

Neat collection of old T-squares and metal rulers. 

I love this photo. It is dad's really old down jacket. Bought for function, not fashion, and survived the blizzard of '77. It snaps and has a matching burnt orange zipper. I wish I could have found the toque he used to wear with it, guess that image will just live in my head.

Dad is a huge fan of the LL Bean Boat and Tote. He has many and gives them as gifts! I appreciate my large monogrammed tote way more now than I did when I got it when I was 16.

Good trip! But not sure if we'll be going home during the winter again anytime soon. Unless dad lends me the orange coat...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'd really like to wear them on the plane today. But I won't because I refuse to be one of those adults who uses up one of their 2 carry-ons for their pillow. And dresses like they're headed to a slumber party. You've seen 'em. Flannel pj bottoms, crocs, huge college sweatshirt? blech. 

To anyone traveling this holiday, be safe! I am thankful for all of you! Have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Where did I put that?
Stupid holiday season. I'm already going nuts.

Translation: Oh my God, I hate it when I hide stuff so well even I can't find it!

I buy little gifts throughout the year to have on hand for for the holidays and more often than not, I can't find them when I need them. I bought this great wine stopper at the Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle this spring and I stashed it away for safe keeping. Can't find it and I am trying to get packed for my Thanksgiving trip to dad's. Bummer. 

Meanwhile, I am listening to Band of Horses Everything All the Time album and that is helping to take the edge off. Who wants to start trading music suggestions?

Ugh, Sunday night. xoxo

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A few of my favorite (cheap or free) things

In the spirit of this crap economy: I was wandering through my apartment the other day and noticed how many of my favorite things were either really cheap ($5 of less) or free (courtesy of my career in consumer products, samples rock). Here is a look at my decorating deals and steals!

This distinguished painting came home with me for $5! I don't know who the subject is, but he looks like he might be a banker, so I think he'd be proud of my good deal.

Urban Outfitters just opened across the street from me and my friend Tiffani and I got matching T glasses for our beverages of choice. 
These are perfect when you tell yourself you're only having one glass of wine ;)

Cool bug drawings were $1 at Lakewood Antique Market in Atlanta. 
I framed them in really cheap Target metal frames and my home made mats. Perfect for my bathroom. The green ribbon is left over from Katie's wedding and I just like looking at it.

I traded this desk with my friend Deb. She got a leather chair and ottoman from Macy's that I was tired of, and I got this AMAZING mid century desk that was hiding in her basement. I think I got the way better end of that deal, but don't tell her that. My dad and I almost had a catastrophe with the Home Depot truck we rented to seal the deal but all ended well. I love this desk! Deb said her mom used to do her homework on it, but my kids will never even get to breathe on it!

Red Arne Jacobsen ant chair: negotiated this wayyy down at 
Lakewood Antique Market my first weekend in Atlanta.

Cute pink Kate Spade leather box, a real steal at TJ Maxx!

Cool wire mail sorting basket salvaged from the throw away pile when our office moved.

So cute, pics of my parents from high school! I am definitely NOT the milkman's child.

Oneida Paul Revere bowl, one of my favorite freebies from that job. 
They used to put free stuff out in the cafeteria everyday.

Wedgwood Night and Day S&P shakers. Another freebie from Oneida.

West Elm bowl: I think this was like 90% off. It hides the ugly outlet behind my microwave perfectly!

Cool painting on wood by a local artist. They signed the back Two Fat Southern Boys Who Paint.

This is a postcard thank you note painted by my late friend, Susan. A daily tribute to her in my kitchen.

Awesome milk glass glove form: Katie and I got these in Dekalb Junction when we were wasting time driving from Potsdam to Watertown. I had always been intrigued by the flea markets there and they had good cheap stuff! This would go for 4 times the price in Atlanta.

Beach glass: collected from Lake Ontario, Virginia Beach, Manistee, Burt Lake. Truly priceless for the memories!

$5 painting from artist market in Atlanta. You can barely buy a beer for $5, let alone a painting of a beer.

10th grade Tera would freak

We are going to Costa Rica in a few weeks and it hit me that I have nothing but the most basic of bathing suits and that since this is my first tropical vacation, I should at least try to look the part. So I turned to that most trusted purveyor of beach wear, J Crew, to see what's hot this century because the last time I was excited about buying a bathing suit was circa 1996. 

To my delight, almost everything was on clearance! 
So I went a little nuts and ordered 17 separate pieces, planning to return a bunch, figuring that since they were $9.99 each it was well worth the shipping cost. 

goodbye, basic black!

Fast forward to yesterday when the box arrived at my cubicle and I actually opened it right there at my desk to paw through all the pretty patterns and sexy shapes! 

I just want to pause and give a shout out to my 15 year-old self. 

Dear Tera, 

I just wanted to let you know that by now, we actually feel good in a bikini. We still want slightly larger breasts and slightly thinner thighs, but for the most part, on most days, we feel pretty great about what all 5 feet, one quarter inch of us can do and we promise to keep doing what it takes to stay that way. It's not always easy, some days are harder than others. But just know that it will get better and eventually you will be 29 and happy with yourself. Oh, and I know how you drool over the J Crew catalog every night and that mom only let you get that one pool blue, underwire bikini, but don't fret, when you're 29 you can have whatever you want. And by the way, I still have your NP sweatshirt and the quilt from your bed. Now go study, because it's not Thanksgiving break quite yet and I'm pretty sure you have a Pelkey test on Monday.

Love, Tera 2.0

Tonight I have a date with this guy...

Hello, James darling.

Okay the date is actually with the guy on the left but we are going to see the guy on the right. I have posted this side by side comparison shot just so I don't get them confused tonight. So many similarities!

Piercing blue eyes, chiseled biceps and of course, impeccable fashion sense (come on, look at that t shirt!) Also, Brett also prefers his protein drinks shaken, not stirred and his mountain bike has more gadgets than I can count. They also share a penchant for danger as Brett insists that we J walk at least twice a week. Anyway, enough nonsense but I am excited for this movie and a little bit in love with Daniel Craig.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello again.

Last night I had 6 people over for dinner, and I only had 5 good crystal wine glasses so I decided to bite the bullet and splurge on some really nice stemless glasses. I love them, but I must say it was a tad bittersweet because I guess I always figured I would just get them when I got married. Boo hoo for me. I discussed this fact with the girls at dinner and we all agreed it is sort of annoying that you can't have a moment like that anymore without the Carrie Bradshaw reference. Luckily, as usual the wine solved all of our woes.

We cut the evening short because I needed to leave the house at 6:15 this morning for a half marathon right here in Atlanta. Only if I didn't see several familiar landmarks along the way, I probably would have guessed I was running through the NoCo. It was really cold!! This race also ended with a little blue box, but the contents were a bit of a let down. A) I really don't resemble the running silver stick figure pendant and B) I think with my entry fee I ended up paying about $75 for something that came from Oh well, that's not what it's about, right? Hmm, who would love a nice silver runner necklace from Santa? 

I can't wait to see the race pictures of me at the finish. I usually hate these pictures, (who looks good running?) so coming up to the finish, I made a point to straighten out my shirt, tuck my hair behind my ears and smile, hoping for a good one. Then this girl I had been battling with for the last two miles came out of nowhere and thought she'd sneak by and beat me. Guess she didn't know about the Tera turbo button that gets activated right before the finish. So I smoked her, but in doing I'm pretty sure I sacrificed the running glamour shot I was going for.

And now? Nap time. Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yummy new thing

Mmm, I made a new recipe tonight that you must try! Easy, delicious and good enough for company.

Lebanese Chicken Patties

1 tomato, diced
2 tbsp chopped fresh mint
3/4 cup plain fat free yogurt
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup water
1/2 cup bulgar
1 lb ground chicken
1 garlic clove
1 tsp ground cumin
black pepper
juice of a lemon
olive oil

Preheat oven to 375°.
Bring water to a boil, stir in bulgar and remove from heat. Cover with a lid, it should cook in 20 minutes. Meanwhile, mix the tomato, mint, 1/2 cup of the yogurt and 1/4 tsp salt. This makes a sauce for the patties.

When bulgar is cooked, transfer it to a large bowl and add the chicken, garlic, cumin, pepper and the rest of the yogurt and salt. Make 8 or 9 patties and bake them on a cookie sheet for about 25 minutes.

Toss salad greens with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. Serve with chicken patties and the yogurt sauce. I used extra lemon juice on top and some fresh parsley and served this with some pita, hummus and nice olives. I was amazed how good this was and how authentic it tastes. Not bad for a Sunday night. Have a great week!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tough new thing

I just took a boot camp class at my gym. Um, I thought I was in shape? 
I thought wrong. Totally killed me. But not enough to not go back... The whole time I was thinking, I wish I was running, I wish I was running! Well, I was running, but carrying 10 pounds above my head. Agh, painful. Now I'm resting so I have the strength to go out tonight... at 11pm. That is not new, but I haven't gone out late late like that in a while. I wish we could all collectively agree that it is way cooler to go out at 8 and be home by 11. Good lord, I'm old. At least I get an extra hour of sleep to make up for it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New this week

This is not me. I don't know David Martinez.

In the spirit of trying new things...

On Mondays I go to yoga. Not new. But during class yesterday, I did this and it was new. Not that I look even remotely like the girl in this photo mind you. Something new all the same.

Today I went on a good old fashioned power walk with a new friend through a new neighborhood. I say old fashioned because it's really been ages since I've walked and not run. I sort of feel dumb walking alone. Like I should have a dog with me or something. 

Now I am baking banana bread with almonds. Look out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Run a marathon: check!

"go, princesses!"

A quick post before my two day work week commences and I am sucked into the evil vortex of 4 days of emails. The marathon was AWESOME! 
I was lucky to have a nice chilly day to run and that had everything to do with me far exceeding the loose goal I had set for myself. Despite a hard fall around mile 15 (come on, this is me. I never get by totally unscathed), my pink tiara and I had a great race. I am already starting to poke around the internet for a nice flat marathon this winter... 
I'm hooked! More details to come, but this photo pretty much sums up the day.

Thanks especially to Katie, I could NEVER have done this with out you. And to Mom, Dave, Kyle, Mike and Brett, our awesome mobile cheering section. And to everyone who supported me with their Team Tiara donations! Thanks again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cookie of the Day

One fun thing I get in my email everyday is the Martha Stewart cookie of the day. They have been sooo cute lately! I love tasteful Hallowen stuff, no pun intended :) Would I ever take the time to make cookies everyday, probably not, but I just love the seemingly endless supply of ideas.
My favorite are the brain cupcakes.

In other Halloween news, I have a question for the general audience
(I know, it's like 4 people, but still). Brett has a boxer costume and always dresses up as Rocky for Halloween parties. He says I have to be Adrian. Um, boring! Doesn't she wear turtlenecks and wool skirts? That is pretty much my winter uniform. A friend suggested I go as a pregnant Adrian, not too sure about that though. Thoughts on spicing up this potentially school-marmish ensemble? Smeared mascara from crying perhaps?

Monday, October 6, 2008

lunch with a side of salsa

I just took a salsa dance class at the gym at my office. It is always fun (not quite the right word) to see your coworkers in their spandex instead of their suits, not to mention when the class gets really wild and you all shout "uno dos tres!" right along with Ricky Martin. No, not at all awkward. But even more fun is when the teacher is Ricky Ricardo and Richard Simmons' love child. Not even kidding.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

2 bottles of cheap wine, Johnny Carson tapes

Can anyone guess what movie I'm watching?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

to clarify...

A few posts ago was an image of Sarah Palin juxtaposed with Miss South Carolina. Many people have been asking me what's up with that. A couple years ago, Miss South Carolina got asked a question during the "gotta try to look smart portion" of a pageant, and her answer was crazy. You have to see it (youtube Miss South Carolina). When you see it, you'll see the connection to Palin's rambling interview with Katie Couric. Ahhh, the election. An endless supply of fodder for people like me who only pay attention every 4 years and find themselve's quite witty. And love jokes about pigs, lipstick and the like.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jury Duty: Part 2

Note to self: don't order chocolate malts at Dairy Queen. I ate a quiznos sub for lunch but couldn't shake a sweet craving. So I got a chocolate malt at DQ. After the first sip, I knew it tasted weird, but couldn't place the flavor. A couple sips later, my sophisticated dessert palette decided it was a cross between a chocolate shake and beer. mmm, too bad it's not a real beer. JD should come with a couple drink tickets.

Excited about produce

I realize what I am about to say will be inexcusably yuppie, but here goes: I am so psyched that they have a really great selection of heirloom pumpkins at Whole Foods! I just got the October Martha Stewart and there was an awesome spread about all different pumpkins. I love the white ones, but figured they'd be hard to find or overpriced. Nope! They're the same price as the garden variety orange. Wonder what white pumpkin pie tastes like :)

It's the little things, eh?

Jury Duty: Part 1

It's 8:10. I have been at jury duty for 10 minutes. There is already a woman I want to, at the very least, pinch really hard. She has been through jury duty 4 times and has never been picked. She told her husband, Ralph (seriously), that she has had it and she is moving out of Fulton County. She is now talking above the din of 200 other Fulton County residents on her cell phone. She likes to use clich├ęs, like "things have a way of working themselves out." "He's a numbers guy." "I'm over it." "He's top man on the totem poll." We all have a thing we repeat when we can't think of a word; her's is blah blah blah. She thinks it would be a good idea to stop voting so she won't get picked anymore for jury duty. Great attitude. I hope she and her ugly Vera Bradley purse are excused very soon.

Oh, and now she's talking about her colonoscopy, her husband's colonoscopy, and all their friends' colonoscopies. Lovely.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Warning: Running may be hazardous to your ego.

Katie visited me last week and I picked her brain about a few burning running / marathon questions. One of which centered around underwear. I won't go into too much detail, but after the conversation, I decided to just stick with what I've been wearing. Suffice it to say, I wear underwear under running tights. Okay, now that we're established that...

I decided to save some gas this morning by using my long run as my mode of transportation to work (yes, sadly on Saturday) since we have no gas in Atlanta. I am at mile 14 or so, running along a road that has sidewalks the whole way, but a little part was under construction. So I just went around it. Until I got caught. By rebar. You know, those half inch metal rods that are normally really jagged and rusty and a hazard to humans in general? I snagged my pants on a piece that was askew and it snapped me back before I could take another step, and in the process, pulled my pants half way down my thigh, a thrilling show for any passing motorist, I'm sure. Thank god I wear underwear! So I yanked those suckers back up, in the process noticing the two huge holes that now offer extra ventilation on my right hip. Oh, and of course these were my expensive Under Armour tights, not the cheapy Target pair I often wear. But I am happy to report that I only suffered a small scratch on my leg, and I know the whole thing could have turned out very badly. I'm lucky like that I guess.

So the moral of the story is, please always wear panties while running. The town of Sandy Springs, Georgia will thank you.

Friday, September 26, 2008


mommy designs the garbage

I work with several other designers, one of whom has a 10 year old daughter, Taylor. She asked my friend exactly what her job is, so Lauren told her that she designs packaging. Taylor's like, "You mean the part we throw away?" Right. So now when someone asks her what her mom does, "She designs the garbage." So I guess I too design the garbage. And I'm still paying off college loans.

On a happier, less what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life note, Brett asked me out on a date tonight so we are going out for a fancy dinner, screw the economy. Now you might think that after a fancy dinner, it would be nice to talk a romantic walk or see a movie. Not with my BF. Nope, we are coming straight home to watch the debate! Awwww, I know, you're jealous.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

blogging rocks

Thanks to everyone, (C, D, K & A especially) who gave me the best boost this week when I needed it. Isn't it funny how something we slam as being impersonal and artificial (I speak of the internet) can actually act to strengthen relationships instead? Not to be too sappy, but I am constantly amazed by people I meet day to day or have known for years. That is one (of many) of the nice things about getting older. OK, don't want to draw this out too long because I am so not a philosopher, but thanks again, peeps!

Oh, and I discovered last night during a run in 70° weather (thank you, Ike) that Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" is the most motivational running song ever.

Musical side note: When the ladies and I were on the swim team in HS, I think our favorite psych up song was Right Now by VanHalen. And that was in the days before iTunes, so I actually bought this freaking expensive VanHalen double CD at Northern Music just for that one song. I still remember the smell in there... ANYWAY, did anyone else notice that during the RNC it was the theme song for Cindy McCain's introductory video? Ewww! I was grossed out. Bet VanHalen was, too. Almost as sacriligeous as the peppy remix of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" they played during my pilates class last week. Again, I'm getting old.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Depressed Type A seeks advice

I am depressed. About running. Ever since I started training for this dumb marathon, I've been getting slower and slower. Yesterday, my long run took almost four hours, and I still would have had 5 miles to go if it were the real deal. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Why we do things, I mean. We try to do things we're good at and enjoy, right? I am a designer because I enoy it and am fairly competent. If I wanted to be depressed about my job, I'd be a high school math teacher. But, I also know myself and I know I sometimes do things just to prove to myself that I can (like the time I got a job at the Gap and quit the next day) not because I really want to. Is this one those cases? I didn't think so at first, but now am not so sure. I wish I could say I just want to finish and be happy with that. Stupid goals, stupid inner drive!

So, any thoughts on learning to just go with the flow and stop competing with yourself?

High school football in Atlanta...

is quite different than it was in Potsdam circa 1995. A few examples:

Tickets are $7.00
Pep band played the Fresh Prince theme song
Over 60 players on the team
Stadium vs. metal bleachers in a field
Actual announcer with box and hi tech P.A. system
Stars in the night sky are obscured from view by stadium lights
Police presence
Metal detector (Strangely they only wanded Brett, even though I had a huge bag. He IS rather thuggish...)
9 uniformed refs
Coaches wear headsets
Bling instead of varsity jackets
Crowd sported designer jeans, purses, iphones, etc.
Multiple concession stands vs snack shack
SEXY cheerleaders and dance team... actually a little uncomfortable to watch!
City traffic whizzing by outside the stadium
Chain link fences

The aforementioned cheerleaders did do the B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E cheer though, so safe to say that some things do endure. And the home team creamed 'em! Go Grady Knights!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

peanut butter heaven

I had a craving to bake Saturday night (my god, I'm boring) and Brett requested something with peanut butter and chocolate. This recipe from the divine Ms. M (no, the other one) looked perfect, so we tried it.
They were SO good. Totally worth the effort of making cookies, not mention the calories. Highly recommend it! By the way, I think they are also good frozen. Not that I snuck any out of the bag in the freezer...
just a hunch :)

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature
1 cup packed light-brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (spooned and leveled)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup granulated sugar, for rolling dough
36 mini peanut butter cups, chilled and unwrapped

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Using an electric mixer, cream peanut butter and butter in a mixing bowl until smooth. Add brown sugar; beat until combined, scraping down bowl as needed. Add eggs and vanilla, and beat until incorporated.
In a small bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt. With mixer on low speed, gradually beat in flour mixture in two batches.
Scoop off dough by the tablespoon; roll into balls. Place granulated sugar on a plate; roll balls in sugar, coating completely. Place 2 inches apart on a nonstick insulated baking sheet.
Bake until cookies begin to puff up slightly, about 7 minutes. Remove from oven. Press one peanut butter cup in center of each cookie. Return to oven; continue baking until cookies are golden brown and chocolate has begun to melt, about 6 minutes more. Let cool at least 10 minutes on baking sheet before transferring cookies to rack to cool completely.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jonathan Orange Adler

I had sort of taken a break from decorating while I figured out my real estate future, but since a chat with mom a few weeks ago, I've decided to stay put for a while and continue to rent. I have a fantastic 1000 square foot 1920's apartment in a great part of Atlanta, so what's not to love?

So anyway, I'll be doing some more painting in the coming weeks, (eye for an eye, Katie) and I've been all 'round the internet looking for some new stuff. Thought I'd give a shout out to one of my favorite home decor gurus, Jonathan Adler. There really is nothing in his collection after which I'm not pining. Plus his marketing really is too cute. The phrase Tongue in Cheek Chicness comes to mind. Anyway, check it out. I want it all. Especially the orange stuff, natch.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it legal

to try to sell someone human growth hormone over the phone? Cuz it happened to me this week. Gross.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it bad

that I am psyched that I just got a jury summons in the mail? Last time I got called in I sat in a room and read Middlesex all day. Anyone have a good book suggestion for this time around? I am just finishing The Lovely Bones.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Maybe I'll design a poster featuring another favorite adage: 
Doubt Means Don't! Courtesy of Katie (ok, and Oprah)

I just bought this from Etsy. I have wanted it since I saw it at the Shabby Chic store with my mom. We were shopping one afternoon when she was visiting Atlanta and I was like, I have to have that for my new office! My mom's like, I'll buy it for you, honey. I said, mom, this store is ri-DIC-ulously priced. Let's see how much before you trade your first born for it. It was almost $300, so her first born was safe. Well, actually she was very generous and said she'd still get it for me, but I didn't want to pull a Veruca Salt. Anyway, at $25 on, I'd say it was a bargain. They also had one for $12, but it was a really bad knock off. They used Helvetica instead of Gill Sans. As if! 

And so it begins: college football season in the South.

I think I need to go back to school. 

Not because I need it to advance my career, but because I have zero college football affiliations and therefore am a bit of an outcast in the South. And I really can't relate to all the hoopla down here around football. The dressing up, the signage and memorabilia at my coworkers' desks, and the vanity plates, my god, the vanity plates. 

Let's just say the Alfred University Saxons didn't ignite such passions...

why do I do it?

First it was friendster, then it was myspace. And now stupid facebook. I finally caved. Maybe I'll stick to it, maybe not. But once a blogger always a blogger :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

our first big trip = success!

I like this picture since we look a little like brother and sister playing I'm Not Touching You, fitting if you consider how much time we spent in the rental car.

Since this blog claims to be partially about dating, I thought I'd give an update from that arena of my life. Brett and I have been talking about making a trip to Michigan to visit his fam and my rents for a while. Well, we finally did it. We bought the tickets a few months ago and I think the doubting, negative side of me was like, what if something happens and we break up and don't go? Or what if we get sick of each other on day 2 of an 8 day trip? What if I can't stand his parents and I am trapped in their home for 5 days? Can I limit myself to one bag and one personal item so we don't have to check a bag and I can retain my low-maintenance glam status?

Also, I might add that when we were sitting on the couch with our dualing MacBook Pros planning the trip, B turned to me and said, so if we leave on Monday, what day should we come back? I'm thinking in my head, hmmm, how about Thursday? since the idea that the first time I meet his parents is by staying at their home is in itself frightening and I think 2 days is plenty. But he quickly follows up the "question" with how about the next Monday? And not wanting to burst the dear boy's bubble, I agree.

Well, I can happily report that it was smooth, smooth sailing. Not one moment of loathing, lots of pleasant parental interaction and thanks to Dave who suggested that we go mountain biking during the Butler leg of the trip, I got to check a nice big bag because we had to pack our helmets and other biking gear (not to mention the 2 extra pairs of shoes and full size toiletries I snuck amongst the gear).

Fun times. We have two more big trips planned for the fall, go us!

pretty please

Coach Tera, complete with Hawaiian lei, every runner's must have accessory

So as some of you may know, I am running in the Nike Women's Marathon October 19, eek! But I have been training hard (15 miles this morning, 20 miles last Sunday morning) and I think I'm up for he challenge. BUT, there is a bigger challenge out there and I am asking for your help!

Last fall I volunteered as a coach for Girls on the Run. It is an awesome group that teaches middle school girls all kinds of life lessons and skills through running. I had a great time doing it, but this year I don't have the time to devote, so I am doing the next best thing and supporting their charity, Team Tiara. I have to raise at least $262 that will be used as a scholarship to help a needy girl get to go through the Girls on the Run program. Coincidentally, it also works out to about $10.10 per mile of my marathon! So if I could get 26 buddies and bloggers to each donate $10, I'd be real close to my goal and a cute, sweet little girl would be introduced to running and learn that drugs are not a positive choice, but vegetables are!

If you want to donate, you can mail me a check, made out to me. I am also going to a meeting in a week or so after which I think I'll have a website through which you can donate.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

mmmm... pie

I just couldn't pass up this photo op a couple weeks ago in Michigan. I think you can see why...

Across the street from this landmark was a yellow house with an old man sitting on a lawn chair in the driveway. I think he must sit there often, getting a kick out of us tourists. We exchanged a wave.

I'd love to design a font based on the wooden letters someone (not so) carefully crafted!

funny money

The other day at the dentist I found out they owe me $377. Great, right? Check's in the mail. Then yesterday, I got an invoice from the Art Institute of Atlanta, where I took a class, oh maybe three years ago? Apparently I owe them $0.21. Yes, folks, that is 21 cents! So it has already cost them more than 21 cents to process this info and send me a letter. And now they want me to spend more money use up a check, an envelope and a stamp. So I could call and dispute it, but then I would spend more in cell phone minutes than the 21 cents. I wish I knew this on Wednesday when I went to the dentist. Then I could have asked them to send 21 cents to AIA and a check for $367.79 to me. such sillyness! But I'd rather not end up in collections, so I think the best answer is to call from my work ohone for free and charge it on my credit card.

In other news, I got a text message the other day that read like this:
yo the next time u dont want to hang out u dont have 2 lie 2 go hang with jamie

I'll keep that in mind.


I am sucked into the vortex of another gross show on TLC. I don't even know the name of it, but basically it is brides trying on dresses and being whiny little brats. Ugh. One girl brought her WHOLE family, including teenage brothers. Weird. I don't have a problem with wanting what you want especially when you're paying a lot for it, but I feel like these girls are far removed from what they are actually doing when they are dress shopping. They just don't seem to acknowledge at all the fact that they are totally lucky to have found someone that they want to be with forever, they don't even seem happy. I mean, I know it needs to be perfect and how you imagined it as a kid, but seriously, I would endure the torture of walking down the aisle in my bathing suit if it meant I had found that person! I just hope that somewhere deep inside their flat-ironed heads, they appreciate what they have.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August afternoon

Hi! I've been on vacation, moving into a new office, staying up far too late watching the Olympics and trying to get back into normal life. So no bloggin'... Here is a picture to make sure I don't make August a one-post month. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I want my money back

mama mia. I'm not even capitalizing it. worst. movie. ever. But it did beat being at work this afternoon, so not a total loss. On a brighter entertainment note is the musical version of The Color Purple. Brett and I took my mom to see it at the fabulous Fox Theatre (sorry, you have to include the fabulous, it's an Atlanta thing) last weekend and I was amazed. As a rule, I can't sit through much live entertainment, especially improv comedy and musicals. But this was seriously captivating the entire way through. And I actually feel happier this week, I think, because of it. I mean, after seeing what that, albeit fictional, character went through, my life is pretty good. Not to bore you too much, dear reader, or to get up on some childless soapbox, but one of the strongest things I took away from this performance was to remember that children don't ask to be born, but once they're here, each one deserves to be loved. I actually think about that a lot. And I think a lot about all the homeless people who live in my neighborhood and how different I'll bet our childhoods must have been. Extremely sad, and really I don't have any clue what to do or how to really help in any significant way. In the meantime, I just try to offer them a smile, or um, a drink of my water.

Friday, July 18, 2008

3 more weeks!

I am obsessed with the Olympics. To the point I'm a little concerned it will interfere with the first impression I make on Brett's family when we visit them in August. We will be there during the opening ceremonies and I can just see it now, "Um, Mrs. Smith, you're blocking the tv. Ahem, Mr. Smith, could you keep it down? I can't hear the Chinese national anthem. Dinner, yeah I'll be right there, right after fencing."

When I was 9, I remember watching the '88 Olympics and having a teensy crush on Greg Louganis, which my grandmother liked to rub in. Hmm, I guess she had more finely tuned gaydar than I did back then. But, he was hot.

Today I am wasting time and watching some track meet going on in France. They just called a 5'8" woman diminutive. Right.

But since we're talking serious athletes :) here is a pic of me and Kate, sleepy eyed, before a July 5 5K.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Someone recently told me that I have a nice life

...and I tend to agree. Fourth of July weekend was spent at my sister's beautiful new house in Glen Burnie, MD. I got to see one of my BFFs, Courtney, and her handsome family. We all got crabs from Kyle and I burned my leg on a sparkler trying to be cool. Courtney and Katie gave me the thumbs up on Brett, a good thing because even though I would still love him, I think I love him more now that he passes inspection from my girls. Katie and I spent many hours on sisterly pursuits, including but not limited to sleeping side by side on twin air mattresses, splitting 2 pitchers of beer among ourselves and Kyle and taking shelter from a soaking summer rain with a pashmina. After I got back to Atlanta, another BFF, Megan, showed up for two days! We had a fabulous time eating and drinking at my favorite Atlanta spots and trying to figure out exactly why Megan didn't come to Emory for law school. M also approved of Brett, so another little victory.

But alas, now it is Sunday and the fun is almost over. But the someone who told me I had a nice life included in it my job, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Hope everyone is well!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Can't decide if I would love or hate to be the designer who created this graphic... Oh well, off to get a facial!

softy or stupid?

I got a new water bottle last weekend that has a hand strap with a little pouch for keys or snacks. I tried it on a long run last weekend and again today and have come to the conclusion that while I like having water with me, it puts too much stress on my shoulders and back to have something in my hand. But that's not the only reason I think I'm going to abandon my $17 folly. Today I took a short break to adjust my shoe on Peachtree Street. As I lift my head and start to get up, there is a homeless guy in a wheelchair right in front of me and he looks like he's in real rough shape. As best he can without teeth, he tells me he is really thirsty and needs water. I'm hesitant at first, but I felt really sorry for him and I was glad he wasn't asking for money. So I said, can you drink out of my bottle with out putting your mouth on it and he says yes, so I HAND IT OVER TO HIM! He squirts some in his mouth. Then I tell him he can have more (what the hell, right? What's a few more germs on the bottle I am planning on putting in my mouth in a minute.) and he starts showing me these awful bloody sores and scabs all over his arms that I guess I hadn't noticed at first. He is actually poking at blood, smearing it on his skin. I'm like, um sir please don't get any blood on my bottle. So he takes another swig and I take it back and move on. I am so conflicted. What is the right thing to do? People make me so sad and if I can do something small to help... But on the other hand, sharing fluids with a sickly stranger is just dumb. Ah, the joys of city life. Thoughts?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

food and whine

I have slight butterflies as tomorrow is a milestone in my internet dating career. My first date with a girl! JK, it's a mountain bike date with a girl I met online. Luckily we are meeting at a trail I've done a few times so I feel somewhat comfortable. Wish me luck! This is actually my second workout date this week, Wednesday I ran with a girl I met at a trail race recently. We hit it off, I think I'll ask her out again. OK, enough with the not very witty dating references. Too creepy! But it has been fun making some new girlfriends. I'll leave it neatly at that.

Let's see, what else? Last night we saw the Promotion. Save your money. And since we're sort of on the subject of internet dating and butterflies, last night Brett and I decided to bite the bullet and make travel arrangements for marathon weekend. In San Francisco. In October. Eek! Things are going great with us, so I guess it's not too crazy, but it is easy for me to feel like I'm jinxing this by planning a big trip four months in advance for a 4 month old relationship. Hmmm, and he wonders why I don't feel the need to let him read my blog :)

On a less paranoid note, here is a fantastic summery meal we made the other night:

Chicken Satay Salad

chicken marinade:
1 c plain yogurt + 1 tsp grated ginger + 1 tsp minced garlic + 1 tbsp curry powder
mix all ingredients right in a big zipper bag and then add boneless chicken tenderloins. marinate a few hours.

peanut sauce:
1 cup smooth peanut butter + 1/8 c soy sauce + 2 tsp red chili paste + 2 tbsp brown sugar + juice of 2 limes +1/2 c hot water
combine the peanut butter, soy sauce, red chili paste, brown sugar, and lime juice in a food processor and puree to combine. drizzle in the hot water to thin out the sauce, you may not need all of it.

grill the chicken, serve on a boston lettuce salad with the peanut sauce. I snuck a bunch of chopped spinach into the boston lettuce because I know it's good for me, but I just can't do a spinach only salad. Texture thing. I also added blanched snow peas (cooled), cilantro, chopped peanuts and raisins. Oh, and sauvignon blanc.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

are you a model?

One time during a email exchange, I mentioned to a guy that I had a photoshoot the next day and I imagine he got all excited because he wrote back, are you a model? I explained that I am definitely BEHIND the camera. Sorry, dude. Well I was reviewing shots from my most recent shoot today and turns out I snuck on to a frame or two. Check it out! And I want that fuzzy blanket.