Wednesday, October 28, 2009


note my freckly face!

Sunday was the dreaded Marine Corps Marathon. I did ok despite a hot, humid and very lazy summer training season. It was a great course and we loved the marines. Nothing more motivating than a ,"Way to go, ma'am" from a handsome young man in uniform.

It was a fun girly weekend with Courtney, Michele, Emily and special guest appearance by Katie. And of course marathons mean an excuse to eat. And eat. Thanks, Courtney and Andrew, for a great weekend!

Immediately after the race I swore that that was it for me, but now I am rethinking. C and I decided that spring marathons are a way better idea since you can train during the colder months. Sounds like a plan!

I just checked out the action shots they take. Of course they all suck as usual. I especially love this gem of me and my ba-ba:

This would make a fantastic Christmas card, no?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funny people

Conversation between me and my boss today
over my cube wall:

Boss: Hey, Tera- What are boyfriend jeans?

Tera: Um, what?

Boss: What are boyfriend jeans?

Tera: Don't you read the J Crew catalog? They are jeans that are sort of narrow cut and distressed, like jeans you would borrow from your boyfriend.

Boss: But they're girls' jeans?

Tera: Yeah, they just look like guys' jeans, like how you'd borrow your boyfriend's favorite t shirt.

Boss: Oh, okay. thanks.

Tera: Why do you ask?

Boss: Uh, they're on my mom's Christmas list.

Her mom is obviously probably a little old to be within the normal target audience for boyfriend jeans. I just lost it, we laughed so hard.

Conversation between me and the meat guy at Whole Foods on Monday night while shopping for meat loaf ingredients:

Meat Guy: Hey can I help you?

Tera: I need some ground pork. My mom says it is good to use a mix of beef and pork in meatloaf.

Meat Guy: Well, it's over there already ground in that case.

Tera: Ok, I'll check it out.

Tera and Brett proceed to the meat case. They look at all the packages. The beef packages say things like, "ground beef shoulder, ground chuck loin." The pork package says, "ground pork canada."

Meat Guy walks over to help: Did you find what you needed?

Tera: Yes, but I have a question. What part of the pig is the canada (pronounced ka-NAH-da)?

As soon as the words are out, Tera realizes her mistake... She struggles for words to right her wrong, they are not there. Meat Guy and Brett dissolve into laughter and we skulk away.

Brett: At least that guy will have a funny story to tell his friends after work tonight.

Tera: I'm just here to help.

Monday, October 19, 2009

smells like...

We just opened yet another wedding gift; very nice cushy towels. As we were oohing and ahhing and feeling the Egyptian cotton plushiness, Brett's like, "these smell like something from childhood. Swim goggles, they smell like new swim goggles, the foam around the edges." I thought they smelled like the piny, chilly scent of the Christmas stuff that my mom would pull out of the basement every year. And there you have it. Pretty soon they'll smell like Tide.

Today I just feel lucky to smell anything. We spent ALL DAY yesterday cleaning out the vacuous storage closets in my place and dragging stuff off to Goodwill. Including a 1999 iMac, a full set of art history text books from Alfred University circa 2000 and 7 flat pillows on which I am sorry to say I have been forcing my guests to sleep, not realizing really how yucky they were. Anyway, all that cleaning and kicking up of dust made me sneeze at least 200 times. Miserable. But the apartment feels so much lighter with out all that stuff, not to mention bad memories and waste of space.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

welcome, fall!

I know pretty much everyone feels this way but I am going to go ahead and get the obligatory thank goodness it's fall post on the record. I got home from work a little early today and quickly changed into jeans, a wool sweater and boots to walk to the store with my new husband. Felt so great! We did end up spending $8.00 on 5 apples, but that's another post altogether. Also wore tights to work a few days this week with my summer dresses, drank some NYS cider courtesy of my dad, roasted vegetables, and am enjoying that magical witching hour of an obscenely low power bill between AC and heat. I already bought 13 pumpkins this year so may have gotten that part out of my system :) This weekend will definitely be the perfect time to put one our favorite wedding gifts to use. Who has a good soup recipe to share?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

to quote Katie...

We did a nice wedding. 

And we're glad we did. I can't wait to see all the photos (and pick the three or four out of hundreds taken that I might half like) and was happy to see a bunch on facebook this morning. After all the worrying that the wedding would be boring or the music would be too quiet or the cake would be dry, I learned that if you just let go and let stuff happen it all turns out just fine. I'll remember that for my next wedding. I'm so kidding. Here's a cute pic of me and my dashing groom courtesy of Megan and Oscar. Missing everyone and off to get a facial at the spa!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

a harried few days

So you want to have a wedding... what are you, crazy? This has been a nutty few days and I will probably crawl under the table tonight at dinner and take a nap. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support through all of this! The future Mr. and Mrs. S. appreciate it :)