Saturday, April 25, 2009

The closest I'll ever come to the Olympics

Today we got out there for the first mountain bike expedition of the spring. Our three first choices were either closed for races or hosting kids events (blech) so we opted to drive a little farther than planned and to a more challenging course than I usually do. It is the trail from the '96 Olympics in Atlanta. They have done some work to the trails since then so they are not Olympic caliber anymore but still tough and really fun. This is the trail Brett manages so it was neat to get out there and see some of the stuff he is always talking about.

We still like each other after a 2 hour ride.

Tired! It was a hot day.

This looks flat but it is really a pretty steep hill. 

These granite rocks are awesome! They are grippy and actually pretty forgiving.

Me braving a granite downhill.

Run Like a Girl!

Last Sunday was our Girls on the Run 5k! 

It is the culmination of our spring training season with the girls. They did great and were sooo cute. It was definitely my slowest 5k to date (a respectable 49 minutes flat, thank you), but I did a grown up 5k the day before that was a little faster :) Some of the girls had really impressive times, about 27 minutes for nine-year olds, and I am so proud of all of them. It was awesome to be a part of the training and the race, hopefully they will stick with running. Thanks to honorary Coach Brett for taking pictures. He is ok, for a boy. Also, I would like to point out that I look amazing in lime green.

Stretching? or just goofing off. Hard to tell...

My favorite part! A group hug for Coach T.

Serious stretching. Well, as serious as you can be with 2 tattoos on your face.

I love this photo! They look so determined and official.

More hugs!

What a fun race! Worth the 6am wake up call.

Monday, April 20, 2009

a few random giggles

I am obviously bored...

In Mexico, people had a habit of asking us if we were 
"On-ee-moo-ners." This still cracks me up.

This was actually my favorite part of the trip to Mexico, driving around, seeing how people really live. I mean, the dollar Coronas weren't bad either... but yes, I like seeing real life.

They also like to paint their logos freehand. This is actually a really good VW logo! One of the best I've seen. Ford did not fare as well.

I like square butts and I cannot lie... You other brothers can't deny... When a sponge walks in with a square in his pants like he's got phonebook implants... 

Have you all seen that commercial? It is all kinds of wrong but I just can't look away.

What happens when 30 year olds cook breakfast: 

Before & After. Poor guy.

And, just because I know at least one other person thinks this is funny:
This snowman is really missing his dad. He melted.

just so you know...

Pictured in my newly watermelon pink studio / office / sunroom

It's not all poop all the time around here :)

I just finished a pretty painting for my twin baby nieces-in-law twice removed (or something like that). I love the colors, they are based on a swatch of fabric from their bedding. This was supposed to be finished when they were born, but looks like it will get there just in time for their first birthday. 

I can't believe Miss E. is so grown up already!

It is a lot like the painting I made for little Emma, so this is now officially a series! I have been really wanting to get back into artistic pursuits in the last year. It is a challenge, I do creative work all day at work, but I don't really consider it my personal work. It has been fun doing something messy and hands on, away from the computer. I have new series in my head that I hope to get going on now that this one is off my easel. Maybe by saying it here you will all hold me accountable and bug me about it so I'll get to work! Until that gets annoying and I politely ask you to mind your own biz.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

story time

I started this post last week and got distracted:

This is already turning out to be an interesting long weekend... I had yesterday off, and instead of just relaxing or shopping or sleeping, I decided to have a dinner party so instead spent most of the day stressing and freaking out. One of my most daunting challenges is crafting the guest list. I seem to have many groups of friends but am never sure how to intermingle the groups. But last night seems like it was a good mix and everyone was immediately comfortable with each other. The boys all got along, and pretty much ran away together to the porch. Heather asked me if I thought Brett and Brian were making out out there, and I replied that they are both very dashing boys, and that it was highly likely. When we finally put down the Dos Equis and margaritas to eat dinner, the conversation somehow migrated to poop. Hope it wasn't my cooking. Anyway, lots of people seem to have poop stories! So we were laughing and carrying on for quite a while, when my across the hall neighbor wandered over, already quite toasted himself. I barely know him, but the more the merrier and he joined the party. But my friends decided that he, too, needed to share a poop story to get any dinner. He proceeded to tell us a story that he had only told one other person ever and it was indeed gross and well worthy of a meal. Alcohol, people! It's a crazy thing.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yay! My tastebuds are finally back. In celebration, we tried a new place down the street last night. A gastro pub that actually does an ok job of feeling old and authentic, even though its in a gritty old Poncey-Highlands plaza sandwiched between a nail salon and Chipotle. I think we may have ordered a little too adventurously though, the food was trying a little too hard and mostly missing. Trout mac and cheese was, um, trouty and a little funky. The chicken wings were too anatomical: in my opinion, wings should be cooked beyond the point of recognition, otherwise, they are just a small, greasy drumstick. These had no spice, and too much gelatinous skin. The celery was the best part. Brett's smoked chicken salad on rosemary foccacia was lackluster and dry, the cole slaw was oily. One tasty thing was my fish sticks with artichoke dipping sauce. They had a thick, crunchy batter and a nice cubed shape. (Are you thinking, dang, they ordered a lot? Yes, we did. In honor of my tastebuds.) A good mix of kid food with gourmet oompf. 

The hight light of the meal was definitely my beer. An 8% alcohol cherry ale. Sooo good. Verry cherry. And a bit of an investment, $8, yikes! 

Mmm, like being back in Michigan...

Next time you are out and want a slightly girly beer, or want to feel cool and not order your usual PBR, Pinot Noir, or whatever you're drinking these days, try a Kasteel Rouge. What are your favorite drinks?