Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I lost my dad yesterday. It was a shock and doesn't feel real but we are dealing and we'll be ok. I wanted to share the obituary I wrote with my sister in the car this morning as we are driving to Watertown. It's not perfect, but we wanted to contribute something to his memory. I really wish I'd remembered to mention his affinity for mallow cups, Limburger cheese and peanut butter and baloney sandwiches, but i have a feeling I'll be posting about him more soon, so those tidbits won't be forgotten. No idea how this will format, it was typed on my iPhone and uploaded from the car. Anyway, please pray for my dad. I'm ok but he needs us now. xo

John C. Pike has died. He lived a too brief but adventurous and ambitious life, touching the lives and souls of many. John gave generously and compassionately, and all who felt his love were warm when he was near.  His personality was his art, much larger than his small stature, he could fill a room with his smile. He welcomed those who felt out of place, could create a poem or song on a whim, and inspired people to do great things. John was born in Watertown, NY in 1951and was blessed to have many lifelong childhood friends, from cub scouts, catholic school, football and just bombing around town, charming young and old alike. John was a member of the TKE fraternity at Eureka College, he liked to tell about sleeping in Ronald Reagan's old bed, and graduated from SUNY Brockport, not cum laude, but a gentleman and a scholar. He married Shelley Ryan in 1974 and their two daughters were born in Portland, OR, a place John loved and always called home. John was a true go-getter, no one worked harder for his family and his values. He had a long career in human resources and loved helping people in that role. He especially had a soft spot for servicemen and their families and strove to make their transitions easier. JCP's true passion was the St. Lawrence River, he spent his best days there and could always be found helping a neighbor, craftimg stories around the campfire and taking on his santa alter ego, ever the jokester. John also loved to fly, a proud event was crossing the country in a Cessna. jcpflyer was a coast guard petty officer and volunteered his time and talents protecting our borders and waterways. John was the most silly, sweet, devoted father and his daughters cherish memories of his creative games, dinner table questions and remember him as an example if character and integrity. John's bond with his daughters and sons-in-law was strong and they know he's in a better place and honor his memory. John was married to Patricia Donovan on a summer day at the River, and truly enjoyed step-grandfatherhood. John ended absolutely every phone call with God Bless; his family and friends wish the same for him.