Friday, August 20, 2010

beauty everywhere

On a recent family trip I was moping around, feeling a little out of my element, and generally sulking and being a b-r-a-t. Then we walked down to the beach and I thought about some of the things and objects around us. They were all so simple, not especially cool or well designed, but as a whole, there was beauty.

new blogger!

new blogger on the block!

My hubs has a new blog. He is a funny sort. Might be worth checking out. He gets paid to blog for ESPN, but it's about icky boy stuff like motorcycles, motorcycle riders and dirt. So I don't shout out those blogs. But this one is fun :) The link is to the left, WILT (what I learned today) Go comment at him!


I did a painting recently for an eagerly awaited baby named Davis. My friends who were giving it as a gift sent me this snapshot from the shower. They held it at a cupcake bakery in Atlanta. What a cute idea for a shower! Anyway, the Davis looks great on the exposed brick.

The painting was made to match the adorable Owl Sky pattern by Dwell Studio.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

group hug!

Pardon my absence, I've been far too busy making memories to record them. Hopefully soon, but for now, a photo. I cherish these peeps!

the Pike-Smith-Norton crew plus Finnegan.