Friday, May 29, 2009

I can't decide...

...if I love this or if it's a little sick. Martha's craft room. For one thing, it is larger than several apartments I have had, for another, where are all the dull exacto blades, hot glue rug burns, doodles and paint splotches? But really, sigh... bliss.

Monday, May 25, 2009

short girl does not equal short dress

The short dresses were not all I though they would be. They were actually more overpowering to my frame than long dresses. I did like one, so they are not totally out, but I think the longer "modified A-line" were the perfect match for me and my hips :) The second dress below is my current fave, it is actually sort of Southern country chic. It doesn't look like much in this image, but it has great pleated ruffles along the neckline that continue all around the top and looks very cute on. This short dress was sweet, but I think with my bobbed hair it's going to be too Gidget.

A cute option: Melissa Sweet "Nell"

The current favorite: Melissa Sweet "Heidi"

It was a fun way to kill an hour, and great motivation to never, ever ever stop working out!

first things first!

Yay! I have my first appointment today to look at wedding dresses! I am still hoping that my mom, my sis and my gram can come down and help me sometime soon, but wanted to get a start and take advantage of a Monday off. Since I am a whopping 5 foot nothing, I am sort of thinking a short dress.  Yes, any dudes who like to look at this blog and talk about biking, running, etc. can tune out right about now :) 

Crazily enough, my mom and I both picked the same dress as our favorite, looking at magazines independently. Guess she knows me pretty well. I can't try it on today though, the shop that carries that line in Atlanta doesn't have it in, so I'll just see if I like the length, etc. Better pack some tissues! I know I will cry. My girlfriend Tiffani is being a good sport and coming along. She is brutally honest and has a great eye for fashion so I'm lucky.

This is the dress I like...

Short enough to see fabulous shoes!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We meet again, lads...



I got lucky and scored some last minute tickets to the Coldplay show tonight! I just saw them a few months ago and wasn't going to go again so soon, but they are really amazing live. Like, awesome. Like, normally I just go to a concert and never really think about it again but I actually daydream about their shows. So when tickets were dangled in front of me and I found out that Pete Yorn is opening, I sort of had to go. I know a lot of people think they are lame, rip-off hacks, and maybe I am easily entertained, but that's fine. Up late with cute boys on a school night, woo hoo!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Post 100

So many titles ran through my mind as I started composing this post. Eye Heart Yellow, No More Thoughts on Dating, Out of the Funk, 
Hell Yes... But then I noticed that it will be post 100, so I just went with that. 

official engagement photo; don't you love my outfit?

Brett and I are engaged! Saturday morning he marched me up Stone Mountain at sunrise and asked me to marry him. It was very sweet and special, with a whole cast of characters all its own (the 90 person bootcamp squad, complete with mega phone, the 3 dudes hiking behind us that looked like they were straight out of Dazed and Confused and hadn't gone to bed yet). I love the symbolism of going up the mountain in one state of being and coming down transformed. And I love that he incorporated one of our favorite activities into the purposal. 
It was so us. 

the DAzeD aNd coNfuSed dudes are on my shoulder

And now some details, the good part, stuff I know you want to know but are too polite to ask :)

why is it so hard to photograph those suckers?

Beautiful ring, cushion cut canary diamond, halo setting. Tentative plans for a Novemberish wedding in Atlanta, very small, close friends, immediate family. No, we're not planning on having kids any time soon (you guys were right, people do get very nosy). 

This has been such a fun time so far! People have been so wonderful, I have gotten so many nice calls and emails and hugs. I feel so lucky to have met Brett and I can't believe this is happening. Maybe 2009 will be as good as 2008 after all :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It never fails...

Every time I bust a hole in my running pants, it is 1. a favorite pair and 2. in a spot that makes them inappropriate for future decent wear.  At least today I just fell real hard on the sidewalk, unlike last time when I got my pants skewered on some construction fencing and was thankful I was wearing underwear as my pants were yanked half off.

Ho hum. That really is the biggest news I have this week. I am in a bit of a funk, feeling down. I think partly it's because I have no travel planned in the near future and am feeling a teensy bit claustrophobic with my life. I watched a video at a work function this week, and while I know it was meant to inspire me, it only made me feel small and actually, kind of money hungry. It likened leaders at corporations in America to leaders like Ghandi. I mean, that's more than a bit of a stretch and I felt a little confused and also like I was in the wrong room, wrong life if that's what I am supposed to believe. I love my job, but I don't try to make into something it's not. I am a designer, trying to get people to buy products. If I make something pretty or personally satisfying along the way, all the better. 

Better end this here before I say something wrong and get myself fired! Meanwhile, someone come visit me! I am tentatively planning a trip home for early August, perhaps our paths will cross then? I certainly hope so!