Sunday, September 27, 2009

count down!

The count down is on, I just realized that this time next week we'll be hitched! Wishing I had taken this week off, but oh well. Here are some sneak previews!

I'm with the guy in the orange tie...

A bride knows her guests' priorities

and her own!

Friday, September 25, 2009

love this

I found a link to a site that creates old polaroid effects on your photos. The first one here added a soft effect, the second photo was more or less a color treatment. Neat. Try it.

We're so vintage.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

three generations

I dearly love my family, most especially my grandmother Theresa. She even lets her guard down once in a while and thrills us with adorable dating stories from the 40's. Sounds a lot like today, except with better hair.

Can I please please look like that when I'm a certain age?

Love you, gram. xoxo

Monday, September 14, 2009

wedding style

my wedding mood board (click to enlarge)

I have been busy doing all sorts of wedding prep, and some words come to mind:

fun: Yes, admittedly it has been more fun than I thought. Who doesn't love being a little self-indulgent now and then?

expensive: Um, I am embarrassed to admit what I have spent on this wedding. Well, parts of it. At least I came to my senses last weekend and decided to return the second pair of shoes...

nostalgic: This sounds weird, but in a way I am sad that we are getting married already. I think I many have mentioned this before, but I hate it when firsts come and go. First dates, first kisses, etc. You never get that excited feeling back! I am a little sad that our wedding will be one day and then just a memory. But on the flipside, I know the marriage is the important thing, not the wedding. That said, I miss it already.

educational: I read an article the other day about how a bride learned that she had been a very bad wedding guest until she got married! Didn't buy off the registry, sent her response card very late, brought a date without letting the bride know, wore the wrong shoes as a bridesmaid... I think I have been guilty of a couple of those crimes but never again! 

insomnia inducing: Anxiety definitely runs in my family and I was not spared this lot. If there is even a tiny thing to worry about, I'm up all night. Hence, my wedding mood board. I'd rather have the sleep. 

entertaining: We have met some real characters through all of this, from the mean lady at a dress shop to the crazy lady at a florist. Bunch of weirdos in the Atlanta wedding scene!

touching and incredibly flattering: I have received the nicest thoughts, notes and kind words from people since we got engaged. I am so honored that people even care what I am doing! People have been more than generous to us and it is so so appreciated.

2 weeks, 6 days!