Saturday, January 12, 2008

the Horror, the Horror

So during a back and forth correspondence with a potential love interest, this memory of mine about the Rocky Horror Picture Show surfaced. Thought I'd share:

ha ha, RHPS. I like the acronym usage. I remember when I went to see it in high school and my mom was like, what? you want to go see a movie during which you throw rice and bread? no way, I'm not going down there to clean up after you guys at 2am, you're not going. I had to convince her that it was normal and that parents were not expected to vacuum the Roxy 1 and 2 theatre after their kids made a mess. So I went and I got a piece of rice in my eye. Should have listened to my mom, but don't tell her that.


Lady L said...

I have yet to see RHPS. Can you believe it? Love the blog! Can't wait to read more!!!!!

Courtney said...

L---ME NEITHER. How can we make this happen?

T--love the blog. Your pay-it-forward gift is on my stairs, but not in the mail. We've been attacked by stomach bugs and vengeful dentists...well, that is possibly dramatic, but it's all I've got.

Love the blog. Can I link to you on A&C??

eyeheartorange said...

Um, you're not missing anything by not having seen it. Except maybe a scratched cornea from flying rice. I think I went with Elissa and Megan and E was totally into it as you can imagine.

Anyway... C, link away! And I cannot believe you were up and functioning at 4:09 am. Bless you. Lady L, hope you had a happy 29! My god, we are ancient. Love you girls!