Friday, February 22, 2008

just plain cute

My sister (aka nazi blogger) has been bugging me for an update so here goes. I hate to be one of those girls who goes on and on about herself, but since the subject of this blog is partially my love life I guess I should talk about my love interest! After 40 (seriously) or so first dates for me since May, I think I finally found a winner. He is my age, which is not the norm for me, but I like it. He is quite athletic, which I also like. So athletic in fact, that our second date was running stadium stairs at the high school. I was terrified to agree to this. I mean, there are just so many unknown factors when working out with a new guy. Sweating and spandex are not generally things I like to introduce into a relationship so early, but it worked for us. He is a tv producer and does a ton of freelance work, so we kind of get each other when it comes to being slightly work obsessed. He made me a card for Valentines Day, adorable. I could go on, but hopefully, there will be lots of time for that in the future. Guess you could say that he's just plain cute and I'm a smitten kitten. It's been a good month!

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L said...

Go on. go on! Are you coming to Boston? Update in person! Champagne! Love you!