Saturday, February 23, 2008

welcome to my life

My friend just sent this to me, I guess it is from some design blog she reads. This is basically what goes on at my office all day long.

me: the logo you sent me is unusable because the fonts weren't outlined, and i don't have the fonts. can you ask your client to re-send the same file with outlined fonts?

account executive: can't you just download the font from the logo?

me: .... (long pause).... on second thought, just give me the client's number and i'll speak to them myself.

project manager: (carrying a cd into my office) i need you to make some changes to the files on this disc so i can send it to the client

me: i'm kinda slammed right now, how involved is this change? what is it, a logo or something?

project manager: it's an adobe

me: .... (long pause).... uh... just leave the disc on my desk, i'll take a look at it"

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post pike said...

Sounds like the Dilbert of the design world!