Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cookie of the Day

One fun thing I get in my email everyday is the Martha Stewart cookie of the day. They have been sooo cute lately! I love tasteful Hallowen stuff, no pun intended :) Would I ever take the time to make cookies everyday, probably not, but I just love the seemingly endless supply of ideas.
My favorite are the brain cupcakes.

In other Halloween news, I have a question for the general audience
(I know, it's like 4 people, but still). Brett has a boxer costume and always dresses up as Rocky for Halloween parties. He says I have to be Adrian. Um, boring! Doesn't she wear turtlenecks and wool skirts? That is pretty much my winter uniform. A friend suggested I go as a pregnant Adrian, not too sure about that though. Thoughts on spicing up this potentially school-marmish ensemble? Smeared mascara from crying perhaps?


Pucho V said...

You could always go as Mickey:

When are we driving to New Orleans?

eyeheartorange said...

that's awesome, P! I think we are driving to New Orleans in the spring, but we are always up for sooner rather than later.