Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New this week

This is not me. I don't know David Martinez.

In the spirit of trying new things...

On Mondays I go to yoga. Not new. But during class yesterday, I did this and it was new. Not that I look even remotely like the girl in this photo mind you. Something new all the same.

Today I went on a good old fashioned power walk with a new friend through a new neighborhood. I say old fashioned because it's really been ages since I've walked and not run. I sort of feel dumb walking alone. Like I should have a dog with me or something. 

Now I am baking banana bread with almonds. Look out.


Courtney said...


I am doing a lot of not new this week, to prepare myself for a commitment of doing a new thing each day in November, AND blogging about it. So, it has to be an appropriate to share with my mother type of new thing.

Good for you. Maybe yoga should be one of my new things...hmmm.

L said...

I like yoga, but sometimes the yoga people intimidate me. You know the ones who groan when they exhale, etc...?