Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I lied.

It is NOT a relief to be sick!! It sucks! The only good thing about being sick is that Brett calls me Sickpants, which I think is sort of cute and entertained me for the first 36 hours of this mess. But now I am so over it, but it's not finished with me. Yesterday I finally decided it was time to end my denial phase and get to a doctor. But I don't really have a doctor. So I ended up at this urgent care place near my house and felt a tad bit ghetto and irresponsible for not having a general doctor. But they were nice enough and sent me on my way with the good stuff. Then yesterday as I was trying to keep up with work, I noticed I couldn't see so good on the right side. I checked, and my eye looked like it needed a kleenex. So gross. And it kept getting worse, not better. I finally webMDed it, yikes, pink eye. Back to the ghetto doc this morning, only after waking up to the same symptoms in the other eye, too! 

This next bit has its pros and cons: I can't taste or smell. Bad because I like to eat, smell my perfume, cook, etc. Good because I think I've lost at least 2 pounds in 2 days.

I am desperately hoping to get back to work tomorrow! But I actually love being at home and taking care of my house. I even got to do an errand today when I realized Brett left his wallet here. Driving to his office I kept glancing to the backseat and thinking how fun it would be to visit him at work and drag along a kid or two. Then I snapped back to reality :)

In other sick news, I showed my really sick side when I actually performed minor surgery: You see, I have a deep dissatisfaction with the design of kleenex boxes. I remember once probably around 1999 or 2000 when I found one pretty blue and white one that I thought matched my mother's adorable downstairs bathroom perfectly and I think I either bought all of the boxes available at P&C to stock up or performed a similar transplant to today's. Target has a plain pale pink tissue box (the single, cube size) that I love. But they are ALWAYS out of it. It is only $1.12, which is a bonus since I can't stand buying tissues since I am almost never sick and they just sit there getting dusty. So anyway, today I needed more for obvious reasons, so I bought one of the ugly boxes and then put them in the old pink box. Xacto knife and mailing tape were involved.


L said...

You are quite productive for a sick person. I imagine your drive to see Brett was after your eyes were much improved...?

Sometimes I wish I would get sick and be ordered to stay home. But, then I actually do get sick and I become very, very angry about it.

Also, I know what you mean about the Target tissues. I think they discontinued the ones I liked!

I hope you feel better!

eyeheartorange said...

Yes, my eyes were better by then! I think it is a mild case. I always wish I would get sick and have to stay home! But unfortunately for me, even my body has a guilty conscience and only likes to get sick on Friday afternoon, Christmas Eve, or weekends.

JuneBug said...

Hi Sickpants! I KNOW that notbeingabletotaste sensation. I hated it. My course of action, though, was to eat everything in sight hoping that I would be able to taste it! You'll get through and when you do, treat yourself out to your fave restaurant to say Hello to your long lost tastebuds.