Monday, May 25, 2009

first things first!

Yay! I have my first appointment today to look at wedding dresses! I am still hoping that my mom, my sis and my gram can come down and help me sometime soon, but wanted to get a start and take advantage of a Monday off. Since I am a whopping 5 foot nothing, I am sort of thinking a short dress.  Yes, any dudes who like to look at this blog and talk about biking, running, etc. can tune out right about now :) 

Crazily enough, my mom and I both picked the same dress as our favorite, looking at magazines independently. Guess she knows me pretty well. I can't try it on today though, the shop that carries that line in Atlanta doesn't have it in, so I'll just see if I like the length, etc. Better pack some tissues! I know I will cry. My girlfriend Tiffani is being a good sport and coming along. She is brutally honest and has a great eye for fashion so I'm lucky.

This is the dress I like...

Short enough to see fabulous shoes!


Michele said...

I wish I could be there with you today when you try on those pretty dresses! You will make one gorgeous bride!!! Have fun.

David said...

Oh well, at least some of those dudes you refer to still have this:
Don't they make lycra wedding dresses?

L said...


Courtney said...

I love it, T! You are so gorgeous, you'll look awesome in anything!