Friday, December 4, 2009

best. compliment. ever.

We just started watching Mad Men, and of course I am totally sucked in and obsessed. Coincidentally, I have a new found interest in cosmetics. More specifically, lipstick. Red. I always thought I looked sort of whorish in lipstick. And I turned into a girly girl really late in life for some reason. But anyway, I have been prancing around the house in this lipstick but didn't have the courage to wear it to work. I did wear it running, I think I felt faster. Friday I wore it at the office and you'd think I was wearing Manolo Blahniks on my face. Everyone lost it.

One girl said, "You look so vintage! You know, like Mad Men! You're like Mad Woman!" Funny, last week that would have really meant nothing to me, but this week: awesome.


Courtney said...

Love this post! I want to wear all of the clothes in Mad Men. I've recently become obsessed with lipstick, although, mine is still a berry/wine color. Baby steps.

L said...

I would like a glamour shot, please.

eyeheartorange said...

no way. I am not THAT confident yet!