Wednesday, December 30, 2009

lazy afternoon

This is the kind of day I love. Got up at a slightly lazy 7:45, dressed in jeans and flats and headed to work. Office was deserted. Worked on a cool, cute project and actually spent the time on it that it deserved, unlike my normal forced work process in which a project with all new creative is done in 3 hours or between meetings. Left my desk neat and tidy at noon - noon! - and headed home.

Brett greeted me at the door playing a new Wii game like a big kid, I just laughed. Then researched some fondue recipes for New Year's Eve. Lot's of people had lots of opinions on the subject on Food Network's message boards, some downright vicious! Geez, peeps, it is cheese and wine. Oh, and kirsch. More about that later.

Walked to Whole Foods for ingredients and had a strange experience. We saw one of our pilates teachers there, said hello, etc. and then I saw her walk right by a woman I know from our web agency at work. I always think it's so weird to see people from different compartments of my life converge! Like at our wedding. Awfully bizarre to see childhood friends with new friends with coworkers with grandparents with my godfather, etc.

Then to the liquor store, or as we say in the South, the package store :) Needed the aforementioned kirsch. Here's where my packaging snobbery kicks in to high gear. Yes, I spent over $30 more on the wax sealed, more authentic looking bottle of Kirschwasser instead of the cheesy DeKuypers cherry flavored brandy. Sooo, now we're looking for drink recipes that feature kirsch since I only actually need one tbsp for my recipe. Come on, I know ya'll agree!

Now my husband is cooking an early dinner and we're relaxin'. Finally. Holiday Season, I love you but you sure are exhausting.

Happy Happy New Year, everyone!


L said...

Make more fondue with you kirsch. More and more and more.... Living with a Swiss roommate, I became intimately familiar with how many times you can make fondue in a winter....

eyeheartorange said...

uh yeahhhhh, made the fondue before leaving the house and then managed to scorch it in the fondue pot at our friends' place. Everyone loves the smell of $18 worth of burning cheese! We sort of salvaged it on the stove top so all was not lost. 2010 will be my year to perfect the art of fondue! Maybe. Or maybe just the art of cocktails made w kirsch. xoxo