Monday, February 8, 2010

condo project #1: part 2

I think I may have found a good solution for the bedside tables. I love tray tables, modern design and items that are not too feminine, not too masculine, especially for a couple's bedroom. At first I saw butler tray tables at West Elm that I liked, but they definitely went over my price restriction and when I actually measured, they were too bulky for our small space. Not to be deterred, I continued to scour the internet. Um, when you search for tray tables, you sure do find a lot of crap. I just happened to be on the cb2 site today, not during work hours of course, and found this! I think it's a great solution. I can glam up my side and he can man up his side. About $50 each, they are just within my budget.

Side note: they do come in orange, and I really should go for it, but with the blue bedroom walls it would be a little too Lady Stoners. But can you ever really be too Lady Stoners? Yes, probably.

Other side note: when the West Elm clearance dresser was delivered, it had a little flaw in it. While it was just a small flaw, and it was on sale, I still felt like this would bother me every time I looked at it for years to come. So I called and didn't out right complain, just expressed my disappointment. West Elm to the rescue! They didn't have any more of the dresser in that finish, but agreed to send me a different finish (that I like even better) at no extra charge! They are awesome. Customer service A+


Courtney said...

I vote orange. I am sure my vote weighs heavily.

emr said...

tp, you can never be too lady stoners, in my opinion. take that as you will. these tables are awesome ! i love them ! i am a fan of the white just because they will work pretty much anywhere if they ever get repurposed.

Christine said...

Love these T... my vote is keep them neutral for future use in other applications... just sayin.

I love them by the way.

eyeheartorange said...

I am also leaning towards the white for those reasons. Ya'll are so smart.

Courtney said...

Which is funny, because my choice was driven by repurposing; but in a bright study or playroom down the road.

I live with two boys and can't really own anything white anymore, either.