Sunday, March 14, 2010

Condo Project: office space

Hey! We're all moved in finally and have pretty much fit everything into our new smaller space. I am getting so excited thinking about all the changes we're going to make to this place to make it ours. It's amazing, it already feels totally different than it did in Brett's bachelor days when I'd come over and sit on the futon in a claustrophobic feeling red room. Just rearranging the furniture and repainting has helped.

So far the biggest change has been creating an office space in the former dining area. We have a breakfast bar that will suit our dining needs and I'd rather have a workspace, although nothing can replace my pink studio :(

View from the office space into the living room. The kitchen is to the right.

The space has an 9 x 8 wall behind the desk that, until last week, was floor to ceiling mirrors, yuck. I know it was intended to make the room feel larger, but it was just really 80s looking and I cannot abide being surrounded by full length mirrors! Especially next to the kitchen! Gone. Bye.

Now I've decided to wallpaper that wall and install Lack shelves on it. The largest size shelves will almost fill the wall of that nook and I think it will look really cool! Here are some inspiration pics I've found while consulting my design buddy, the interweb.

Oddly, I have this exact same vintage cart in white! I am stealing this idea and making a bar.

This is my number one pattern after a little hunting. I wanted something with a little more color, but maybe accessories will give that? I just looooove this. If not the office then maybe the entry or the bathroom. My mom has offered to help me wallpaper! She is a champ at this. I have really fond memories of sitting with her at Sherwin-Williams or Ace hardware and looking at the swatch books. Or checking them our and lugging them home. And then watching her hang it. I liked it because everything was clean and wet and shiny perfect. And it smelled good.

So, we'll see what happens!

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