Saturday, March 27, 2010

chop chop

This weekend I am home alone, Mr. Smith is off filming some manly men and their manly motorcycles so I get to have time to, well, waste time. Last night I stayed late at the office since there was no one to rush home to, and then made a few stops on the way home. One was at Target, for Q-Tips.



Unfortunately, they are smart cookies and put the women's clothing at the entry to the store and the Q-Tips all the way at the back.

One purchase was a very cute, fancy looking dress for under $30! No buyer's remorse here. And this morning I operated on this dress. It has many tiers and was a little long. So I chopped off the bottom tier. And added a stitch to the top to make the straight across neckline into a sweetheart. Now it's so cute! Loving it.

Liberty of London for Target Smocked Top Tiered Ruffle Dress


emr said...

tera !! i saw this dress there the other day and it looks GREAT on you! i am scared off by the patterns/zillion colors/uber-femininity of the liberty stuff (because my fashion icon is like, a stormtrooper) but you are rocking it.

eyeheartorange said...

Thanks, Erin! Haha, stormtrooper chic. You may have something there. This dress seems to be a point of debate for some ladies. I searched it online and it is getting lots of thumbs down, but for some reason I am able to pull off the cupcake look. I don't love most of the Liberty stuff, despite the hype, but this I did love.