Thursday, April 22, 2010

stuff it!

I saw this today in traffic (I was at a stop light, don't worry) and it warmed my heart. If you know me well, you know I have an odd ball soft spot for stuffed animals. Old ones, new ones, their little faces get to me. I don't buy them, I don't like to receive them as gifts, I just feel for them. I always feel sad at holidays when I see holiday inspired stuffed animals sitting there, staring at me, boring into my heart and my wallet with their beady little button eyes. I just know no one will possibly buy the entire stock of St. Patrick's Day teddy bears at Walgreens. Brett likes to egg me on, he gets great pleasure from sucker punching a defenseless pink giraffe or giant Sponge Bob. Basically, if it has a face, I want to love it.

Sort of how I can't watch Disney movies with little talking woodland creatures? Torture.

This is also why I still have Night Night Doggie, the pajama clad pup I got at age 2. I mean, really what am I supposed to do with him? He's rather unsightly, probably full of germs and has had more surgeries than I've had, but so loved. I sort of blame it on children's literature.
The Velveteen Rabbit? Sniff. Corduroy? Stop, you're killing me. Oh, and the Island of Misfit Toys? Can I move there please?

So yeah, I was happy to see this. They were all strung up on the side of a Sandy Springs, GA municipal truck. I guess the truck's owner takes pity on cast off stuffies and rescues them, allowing them to disintegrate with dignity in public service. A noble way to go.

Did you see this guy? Look at that expression, so much character. I mean, I know he was made in China from low grade materials, but there is just something about a face.


Pat said...

That last little guy looks a little like Topo Gigo, a character that used to be on the Ed Sullivan show a zillion years ago. He was my favorite! Thanks for an early morning chuckle! Love you T!

Michele said...

Can't wait to hug you in 4 hours!

Courtney said...

I love this post! I am the same way. I picked the sole boy Cabbage Patch Doll the year of the CP craze, because I felt bad that he was stuck with all of those girls.

I've become slightly less sensitive based on the quantity of them I pick up day after day after day...

eyeheartorange said...

haha, Court. I guess that's what makes you get over it, huh? Too funny.

JuneBug said...

Awww! I feel much the same... Lili already has way too many and I just can't bear to bring them to Goodwill beacuse I think of it as the "land of forgotten animals" and it makes me too sad. So the extra ones have a temporary home in the laundry room, cuz that's the best I could do!