Saturday, April 3, 2010

freedom from the gym

A few months ago, I got really sick of my gym. Really. So I quit! Then Brett quit, too. We have been amping up home workouts and even just walking more in the nice weather. I love it. This morning he is out mountain biking and I did P90X legs. Yesterday we walked for about 4 hours, seeing the sights of our neighborhood and trying to save a runaway teacup chihuahua named Prancer, with no luck. Thursday was a mountain bike ride after work with a group of friends. Tuesday I took a walk after work while on a conference call, how's that for multi-tasking?

Anyway, I'm sure you don't care about every drop of sweat I've shed this week, I'm just sayin', I love not feeling like I have to get to the gym. And of course, the money savings are nice.

Now for the opposite of working out... time to think about my Easter dinner menu. Cooking for 8!

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Courtney said...

8!?! That's fantastic! It's just the three of us, Benjamin eats pizza and chicken nuggets, and ARL is sick as a dog, and won't be dining. And, it's my first ham, so I am beyond disappointed that I will be feasting solo.