Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a happy milestone

Sunday was the year anniversary of the day Brett proposed to me :) What a sweet little milestone.

It is sort of weird, I already feel like we've been married forever so it's funny to think about the engagement. When I say forever, I mean it in a good way, not in a bad ball and chain way. I can honestly say I love being married. All of it. And I have been surprised by how different it feels to be married than to be dating, even if you spend every night together and pretty much live as a couple. On our wedding response cards, we asked our friends and family for bits of advice to sprinkle into our ceremony. One of my favorites came from the lovely L, she said something to the effect of finding small reasons to celebrate and celebrating often. I don't think she said to use the nice dishes and cloth napkins when she wrote that but I'd like to think she meant to :) Anyway, sometimes I feel silly thinking about all of our lesser anniversaries. First date, first kiss (no, not the same day as our first date thanks to Brett and his morals), engagement, etc. But Leah's advice gives me permission to do that, and I'll take it!

Happy Anniversary, darling!


L said...

AW! Congratulations. That is good advice that my parents gave to me.
And, absolutely use the good dishes and napkins if you can. Love you both.

Courtney said...

Love the little celebrations! Congratulations!

emr said...

tp tp tp, you know i love you guys both, but that celtics photo is breaking my little cleveland heart.

eyeheartorange said...

So sorry, E! Ever since I met Big Baby I have been a fan... But I could go either way on the series and I will totally root Cavs if they advance!

Along the Ausable said...

so sweet. celebrate often and always find laughter.