Thursday, May 20, 2010

square edged to space aged

I just saw a new Honda commercial on tv, and had major flashbacks to my life in the 90's. This commercial showed Honda models throughout the years, from square edged to space aged.

Two cars come to mind :

'88 Accord : I think this was my parents' first truly new car, or at least the first one I remember. Lots happened in this car, including cruising around the 'hood with dad and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack; being trapped during a long car ride with mom, desperately wanting to escape as she gave me the birds and the bees talk; learning to drive stick and failing; and that fateful day when I opted to skip church and decided instead to go for a drive to calm my fried 17 year old nerves, flipping the car into a ditch. Then hanging there upside down, Honda certified seat belt keeping my bratty butt in that bucket seat, wondering if a tree trunk skewering a car from windshield to tailpipe qualifies it as totaled, and hoping not.

'88 Prelude : A's mom's car. We all loved it. Seems like yesterday we were riding around, finding excuses to use the awesome car phone, driving past a boy's house or to Massena for swim practice. Can I tell you how cool I thought A was, driving that car?

mmm hmm, that's the stuff

Hondas made all the same sounds. Deet deet deet, deet deet deet, deet deet deet when the door was open with the keys in the ignition and something like a minor sonic boom when the car started.

okay, not a Honda brand ambassador or anything, just thinkin' 'bout happy times and cool cars.


JuneBug said...

unrelated... do you sew???

I happened upon this blog and immediately thought of you. her style seems to me from your blog to be similar to yours, and man... i love her stuff. thought i'd pass it along to you, since it made me think of you

eyeheartorange said...

Ahhhhhh! In love, June!! Gorgeous!

Great, my entire weekend is now shot, I will be salivating over this blog and getting my sewing machine out of storage...

Along the Ausable said...

I love my Rosie. She's a 97 Honda Civic. I keep giving her new parts because I just can't get rid of her. If the day ever comes when my mechanic says, "It's time to let her go", I'll cry a waterfall and then go out looking for her sister in maybe a teal.

Courtney said...

Ooooh, I loved that prelude! And my old Civic. Loved that car.

BUT...we're not allowed to talk about ALL of us riding around in the prelude, because only one passenger allowed at a time!

L said...


eyeheartorange said...

um, yes.

Anna said...

I am laughing so hard right now. For some reason, I completely missed this post the other day. The prelude was around for so long. I remember L and I used to play detectives and pretend to drive it in my parents garage.

It was a great car to learn to drive years later even if we couldn't listen to the radio or have more than one person in the car at a time...and sunroofing? what were we thinking? who held the record?

I also had 2 honda civics that treated me well, although, it was a great day when I finally had a car that had power steering and power windows.