Saturday, June 5, 2010

baby bites

Last night we had two of our good couple friends over for our monthly game night. Usually I make something very bad and very delicious for snacking, like Buffalo chicken dip. But, I made that last weekend for another gathering and it disagreed with me, so it's riding the recipe bench for a while.

Instead, we had the fun idea to make sliders which then evolved into making baby sandwiches in honor of one of the game playing wives who is expecting their first. Here was the cutest menu ever that turned into a hit with our guests...

flank steak, avocado and jack cheese with spicy cilantro mayo on crusty wheat - the most delicious variety! I will be making this as a meal real soon.

grilled sharp cheddar cheese, ham and granny smith apple on very thin ciabatta - mmm, make sure to put cheese on both sides of the bread and just pop in the oven for 20 minutes or so right before your guests arrive.

pulled barbeque chicken with cole slaw on tiny cornbread squares - this was the biggest cheater sandwich since the chicken and cole slaw came from the Whole Foods barbeque bar.

fresh mozzerella (pasteurized so Mrs. Pregnant could partake), tomato and olive tapenade on grilled ciabatta - I also had chopped up some basil but we forgot it as we were gluttonously stuffing our faces.

banana and nutella on crusty wheat - this was originally going to be grilled peanut butter and banana but we made the switch to nutella when I remembered J can't eat pb right now since it might be linked to peanut allergies for the baby. Um, gee that's too bad, it was really hard forcing down all that nutella.

and don't lets forget about dessert: teensy ice cream sandwiches - I used the premade cookie dough that is cleverly marketed as mini, when really it is just cut differently. But hey, I bought it. Then smeared on some vanilla Hagen Dazs and called it a day. They were gross. Nobody even wanted to try one. JK, go make this right now.

btw, last night we plated the game Smartass. Very fun.


emr said...

this is one of those times i wish you could just see something on the internet and instantly have it delivered to your house.

eyeheartorange said...

like smellevision?

Courtney said...

Don't mind if I do...I want to be invited to game night! Oh, and must be noted...I was VERY relaxed about food (and just about everything) while pregnant, but I am impressed with your attention to the no-no list!

eyeheartorange said...

I want you to come to game night, too! I have a feeling you and some other certain ladies would excel at a game called Smartass :)