Sunday, April 20, 2008

biker chic

Yesterday was the day! I have been thinking about getting a bike since I moved to Atlanta over three years ago and I think it just took one or two mentions from the bikers in my life to put me over the edge and do it. So, say hello to my new baby! Unfortunately, it had to be special ordered since I needed the smallest size (shocker) and I won't get to enjoy until May since I have a crazy week this week and then go to the West Coast for 5 days for work.

So when Brett (one of the aforementioned bikers) and I were talking to the guy at the bike store, he kept saying the bike had Deore brakes or shocks or something (I kind of glazed over during the technical portion of his spiel, knowing B was listening and understanding) and I totally thought he meant Dior. I was like, hmmm, that's a little weird, but so very biker chic! Then when I saw the spec sheet on the bike, I noticed the correct spelling and chuckled to myself. A very Tera moment.

In other sporty news, I scored a spot in the Nike women's marathon in San Francisco October 19. I am not even going to pretend that I'm not totally intimidated by this. I mean, at a 5k yesterday, I was feeling like death so I can't imagine that times 8. Yet. My sister is doing it, too so at least that will be motivating and super fun at the actual race.

Happy Sunday! It's a gorgeous day here.


Courtney said...

Fun! I got a new specialized last summer (although, it's less cool looking and more built for towing a trailer...) and LOVE it. I had a specialized mountain bike that I just sold to a guy in DC...sniff.

That's awesome about the marathon. I am still chicken to sign up for a half, because I am terrified to hurt my knee again. It'll be a blast! Maybe I'll go cheer. :)

L said...

I haven't ridden a bike in, oh, say, 13yrs. I hear it's just like riding one to start up again, so think I'll wait until I live in a less trafficy locale.

I ran 2.78 miles yesterday and was feeling pretty durn proud of myeself, but you are inspiring! Could never do it...

eyeheartorange said...

Yeah, Court, don't push it with the knee. I am terrified of getting hurt, too. I've just been lucky so far. Speaking of cheering, my whole fam is going, Brett included! He is the best cheerer. He followed the course for the half I did a couple weeks ago on his bike and I saw him about 8 times during the race, which was so awesome. Such a sweetie.

courtney said...

That IS sweet. VERY sweet, in fact. You guys will have a blast out there. I love SF.

I just ran 3.25 miles in 27:30. I was psyched about that.

What I REALLY want to do this summer is one of those mini-triathalons. I can do the run. Easily do the bike...but, I haven't been swimming in oh, nearly 12 years.

David said...

As another (obviously lesser) of the aforementioned, I heartily approve of this development. Of course I do not need to point out that the bike needs to be accompanied by the appropriate athletic fashion statement. Good bye Deore, hello Dior!

Meanwhile, more info is needed. For example: How many inches of travel does the fork have? What tires are you running? Which derailleurs? C'mon, this is critical to know.

JuneBug said...

nice bike! i'm still on a super clunky old specialized mtn bike, but keith says after the NYC ride, i might get a new one!

and courtney... seriously? no swimming in that long? take it back up. it'll help that knee. (i think :)

post pike said...

Where are you? Not answering my emails, my calls...I feel replaced. :-(