Saturday, April 26, 2008

me me me

Just got back to my room after an awesome run along the waterfront in Seattle. This is one thing I really love about running: anywhere I go I can see a good chunk of a city relatively quickly by running it and then going back to walk cool parts I scoped on the run. I also like seeing new places from those two different points of view / paces.

This has been a crazy week. Started out quite tense and harried with final preparation for a big photo shoot with many many moving parts, produced and directed by moi. Then two days of shooting in Atlanta. Thankfully / miraculously, the images exceeded all my expectations and I could not be happier with the results. Lovely! I had to leave the shoot early Thursday and rush to the airport to catch a flight to San Diego, by way of Las Vegas. Barely made it. Managed to get to my hotel by 2am. Photo shoot that day in downtown San Diego with a real live San Diego Charger linebacker. When he walked in, he was looking a little scruffy and the point of this shoot was for him to look polished and well-coiffed, well, as well-coiffed as a 6'4" 310 lb dude can look. So I put any fear aside, walked to the scary liquor store a block away and bought a can of shaving cream and a razor that looked like they had been in stock since the late nineties. Then I proceeded to ask the dude to shave. I realized that that was something of a turning point for me. Probably even a year ago I would have been too timid to ask, but now I just want it how I want it! Either I am becoming a b-i-t-c-h or a kick ass art director. After that shoot wrapped, I flew to Seattle, getting into my room at 3:15 am and have free time until my shoot with a real live Seattle Seahawk on Monday afternoon. Hmmm, weekend getaway on the company... I could get used to this! Weekend in Seattle Starbucks consumption tally: 1

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