Sunday, May 18, 2008


Another fun weekend, gone. Boo. Too fast. Friday night we went to Martinis and Imax at the Fernbank Museum and I learned probably more than I needed to know about dolphins, not to mention seeing their very brief, albeit perfunctory mating rituals on a 100 foot, 3D screen. Yeah... Saturday, kind of bummed around until I finally got my act together for a 10 mile run. I told myself I want to do 30 miles a week til the marathon training starts, since I'm not as good running in the heat and need all the practice I can get. Run went well, I had a t shirt on over a long bra top, and it felt like I stayed cooler than usual. I love running in the city; when I needed water I just ducked into Publix or Borders. I actually went almost 11, since I don't fully trust Nike+ yet...

Then Brett and I made yummy chicken, avocado, cilantro and smoke gouda sandwiches and sweet potato fries, and he watched Charlie Wilson's War while I tried and failed to stay awake. I am officially the world's worst home-movie watcher.

Sunday, we did a morning yoga class at a new yoga studio we're probably going to join, farewell, LA Fitness! It was an amazing class and the place is immaculate and beautiful, every detail designed and considered. Lox and bagels, nap and then went for a bike ride in Piedmont Park. I was told I needed to focus on wheelies and going real slow today. I did both. Then we were working on going real fast down steep hills and I had a magnificent crash, wherein I managed to completely dismount the careening bike, launch myself high in the air, and land on my feet unharmed. This next part, I feel bad about. During this magnificent crash, I yelled an expletive starting with F and ending with K. Geez, when did I become soooo crass? I mean, swear and shit, but usually more to be funny. I just feel bad that that was the first thing that came to my mind! And that I absolutely shouted it in a park full of families. Nice, T. Then I had a wicked craving for Morgan's ice cream (kiddie twist in a dish with rainbow sprinkles) so we did the next best thing and walked to Zesto in Little 5. I wouldn't normally tell you that minute detail of my day, but when we were walking back, we wanted to see the end of the Celtics game, so we took our cones and stared into the window of a bar to catch the game. Like, faces pressed against the glass except when we needed to take a lick staring. Real bar patrons must have thought we were nuts. F them! Hee hee, just kidding.

Ugh, I hate Sunday night! But love you all.

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