Monday, June 2, 2008

mon anniversaire

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! I usually like to ignore it, but this year was lovely. Some highlights:

Trail run race - not a highlight DURING the race, but definitely a highlight immediately after.
Looking at my received calls on my cell phone and seeing that three of my best friends had called in a row.
Coconut cake from Metro Bakery - 'nuf saif.
Adorable card featuring pics of me through the ages, made by my grandfather, complete with matching envelope.
First edition Shel Silverstein poetry book - too sweet.
Many birthday wishes and gifts from the gals at work - I am lucky to have such nice coworkers!

Maybe 29 won't be so bad after all! Next year I am going straight to 35. Then people can tell me I look great for my age. Heh.

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L said...

Many happy returns! (What does that mean...?)