Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jerry and Kanye

It's been a fun weekend. Friday night we saw Jerry Seinfeld at the Fox. Saturday, not so fun, included a 4 hour wait for an oil change and then a yummy salmon dinner with an experimental buckwheat side dish. Sunday was my inaugural trail ride! I wiped out about 6 times in an hour and my shins are probably now permanently scarred, but what fun! It's weird to just be doing this all of a sudden but I am proud of that. Tonight I am going to see Kanye West. Not my absolute favorite, but he is on my running mix, so I can get into it. Hey, free ticket... Ugh, how is it Sunday night already?

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Courtney said...

Congrats on the ride! I have some permanent trail damage on my shins, too! Totally worth it.

Fun weekend. I think I like Kanye. Well, I sing all of the words to Stronger when I run. Hope you had a blast.

I totally miss going out to do things; MUST find sitter at new house asap!