Saturday, June 14, 2008

food and whine

I have slight butterflies as tomorrow is a milestone in my internet dating career. My first date with a girl! JK, it's a mountain bike date with a girl I met online. Luckily we are meeting at a trail I've done a few times so I feel somewhat comfortable. Wish me luck! This is actually my second workout date this week, Wednesday I ran with a girl I met at a trail race recently. We hit it off, I think I'll ask her out again. OK, enough with the not very witty dating references. Too creepy! But it has been fun making some new girlfriends. I'll leave it neatly at that.

Let's see, what else? Last night we saw the Promotion. Save your money. And since we're sort of on the subject of internet dating and butterflies, last night Brett and I decided to bite the bullet and make travel arrangements for marathon weekend. In San Francisco. In October. Eek! Things are going great with us, so I guess it's not too crazy, but it is easy for me to feel like I'm jinxing this by planning a big trip four months in advance for a 4 month old relationship. Hmmm, and he wonders why I don't feel the need to let him read my blog :)

On a less paranoid note, here is a fantastic summery meal we made the other night:

Chicken Satay Salad

chicken marinade:
1 c plain yogurt + 1 tsp grated ginger + 1 tsp minced garlic + 1 tbsp curry powder
mix all ingredients right in a big zipper bag and then add boneless chicken tenderloins. marinate a few hours.

peanut sauce:
1 cup smooth peanut butter + 1/8 c soy sauce + 2 tsp red chili paste + 2 tbsp brown sugar + juice of 2 limes +1/2 c hot water
combine the peanut butter, soy sauce, red chili paste, brown sugar, and lime juice in a food processor and puree to combine. drizzle in the hot water to thin out the sauce, you may not need all of it.

grill the chicken, serve on a boston lettuce salad with the peanut sauce. I snuck a bunch of chopped spinach into the boston lettuce because I know it's good for me, but I just can't do a spinach only salad. Texture thing. I also added blanched snow peas (cooled), cilantro, chopped peanuts and raisins. Oh, and sauvignon blanc.


Courtney said...

Woot for girlfriends. Woot for relationship milestones (and that IS one!), and woot for that salad.

All is good in the world.

eyeheartorange said...

haha, yes, some things are for girlfriends' eyes' only.