Monday, June 2, 2008

recipes to share

I tried to get adventurous in the the kitchen this weekend and had some yummy results. Thought I'd share! Sorry, no pics. I am not quite as Martha as Leah.

Artichoke Stuffed Chicken (from Real Simple, but I added some left over olives)
I can artichoke hearts
half cup Kalamata olives
cup grated parmesan cheese
4 bonless chicken breasts (free range ;)

Drain artichoke hearts REALLY well. Like squeeze them out. Chop fairly fine. Finely chop olives. Mix with artichokes and cheese. Cut a large slit in the chicken and suff generously with the mixture. Grill. Delish and easy. I served with grilled asparagus and roasted onions and potatoes. Oh, and sauvignon blanc.

I also made an awesome Indian version of the potato pancake with mint relish. But can I find la recette? Non. When I find, I'll post. A superb dinner when served with ordinary grilled chicken and mango salad.

One last yummy idea from the weekend, curry chicken salad made with leftover grilled chicken. Chicken + granny smith apples + pecans + raisins (key) + onion + little mayo + curry powder + cumin + sugar = delish and a wonderful sight to behold in your Monday afternoon lunch sac.


Fran said...

Ooh, those sound delish! I look forward to trying the stuffed chicken and the curry chicken salad. Yum!

Courtney said...

Um, YUM!

L said...

T - can't wait to try the chicken salad. I have a pretty jar full of curry waiting to be sprinkled somewhere.

Oh, and unrelated, I LOVE Goody stay put headbands. Never in my life has a headband actually stayed on my head before. Good product. A+

eyeheartorange said...

I realized there are MANY chicken dishes represented. I have been doing just chicken and fish this year, so that's why no meatier recipes from me.

BUT, I am working on adapting a stuffed pepper classic from my mom with fake meat, so stayed tuned.