Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tough new thing

I just took a boot camp class at my gym. Um, I thought I was in shape? 
I thought wrong. Totally killed me. But not enough to not go back... The whole time I was thinking, I wish I was running, I wish I was running! Well, I was running, but carrying 10 pounds above my head. Agh, painful. Now I'm resting so I have the strength to go out tonight... at 11pm. That is not new, but I haven't gone out late late like that in a while. I wish we could all collectively agree that it is way cooler to go out at 8 and be home by 11. Good lord, I'm old. At least I get an extra hour of sleep to make up for it!


Courtney said...

We were SOUND asleep by 11 PM. And 10. I love to go out, but it's few and far between these days, and quite frankly, I am happy to be in bed by 10.

On a side note, I have been doing a great workout DVD, in addition to my running, that is basically like a boot camp. I do it 5-6 days in a row, and then take a day or two off. I've carved 2 inches off of my waist in 2 weeks. It rocks. So, stick with it, if this mama can have the lines of a starting six-pack, ANYBODY can!

eyeheartorange said...

I would have LOVED to go to bed last night! But it was actually fun to go out late. EXCEPT, someone scraped the back of my car in the bar parking lot!!! Jerks.

I am definitely going back to boot camp as soon as I can move without cringing :)

Zoo Keeper said...

Amen - I love to think I'm an old married fart. Actually I've been in bed by, oh, about 9, since I was, oh, born...

eyeheartorange said...

Hi Zoo Keeper J!

I know, early to bed is the only way to go.

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