Monday, April 20, 2009

a few random giggles

I am obviously bored...

In Mexico, people had a habit of asking us if we were 
"On-ee-moo-ners." This still cracks me up.

This was actually my favorite part of the trip to Mexico, driving around, seeing how people really live. I mean, the dollar Coronas weren't bad either... but yes, I like seeing real life.

They also like to paint their logos freehand. This is actually a really good VW logo! One of the best I've seen. Ford did not fare as well.

I like square butts and I cannot lie... You other brothers can't deny... When a sponge walks in with a square in his pants like he's got phonebook implants... 

Have you all seen that commercial? It is all kinds of wrong but I just can't look away.

What happens when 30 year olds cook breakfast: 

Before & After. Poor guy.

And, just because I know at least one other person thinks this is funny:
This snowman is really missing his dad. He melted.

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