Sunday, June 28, 2009

a few more

I finally decided to stop being a baby and got up at 6 this morning to, um, begin marathon training, a tad late. It has been blistering hot here, so any run I have attempted after work has turned into a long, grumpy walk. I decided the only way to be motivated was to go a totally different route and have some new scenery, so I ran through downtown Atlanta. It was really fun, and I noticed a few things I've never seen before, like the emergency room entrance to Emory Hospital (which = peace of mind because even though I've lived here for almost 5 years, I still have no idea where to go if someone needs an ER), the Patriotism Museum (which might be a neat suggestion for wedding guests to visit), and someone's very creative use of shrubbery at the Georgian Terrace Hotel (and I never look at gardening).

When "I Want You Back" came on my iPod, I had a few more MJ memories so here is Part 2:

The Jackson 5 Greatest Hits album was some the only music my mom and I could agree upon during my slightly tempermental late teens and early twenties. I think we wore it out on car trips. My best college friend and her sorority sisters did a choreographed dance to PYT at her wedding reception that was awesome, but not quite as good as my girls' Greece Mega Mix number. I have certain songs that I can count on to build me up on a long run if I'm losing steam, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough is one of them. Try it. And lastly, during a photo shoot with New York Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes, we couldn't all agree on music. So Phil requested ABC and the rest just flowed. It's universal!

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eyeheartorange said...

I mis-spelled Grease!! Shame on me.