Sunday, June 14, 2009

@ work on Sunday :(

Yuck, I needed a little catch up time at work. So after 2 bbq's yesterday and a fun double date to see the Hangover on Friday, I'm here at the office and Brett's shooting a piece in North Georgia (he's a producer). I am so not psyched to be here that even writing my soon-to-be-married name over and over again (pathetically, one of my favorite activities) is not helping. Neither is checking all my favorite blogs, not to mention writing on mine! Okay, signing off now to buckle down for a few hours. Enjoy YOUR Sunday.


Courtney said...

I hope you are no longer working! Today, in NoVA, was the nicest day we've had yet this year!!

Tucker's Mom said...

Hope you survived your Sunday work day and did not have to work this past weekend!! and enjoyed the beautiful HOTlanta weather instead:)