Thursday, June 11, 2009

That's what husbands are for.

Last night I had a work event at the World of Coke downtown. We were not allowed to expense the $10 parking fee, so a bunch of us met up at a coworker's place first for a glass of wine and then carpooled to the event. As soon as I got to the event, I noticed that my keys were "missing" from my purse. Even after a full dump out in the bathroom (that sounds so wrong) they were officially MIA. So I texted Brett to go check it out. He rode his bike over there and sure enough calls me back all excited a few minutes later because he just scored a sweet silver Jetta! Better yet it was free, the keys were right there in the ignition! Awesome! Ha ha, babe. Very funny. 

I confessed to a friend at the dinner and she replies, ah, I see you've discovered what husbands are for!

On another note, my company continually hosts big events at a few fun venues in Atlanta, we always seem to be dining at either the Fox Theatre, the World of Coke or the Georgia Aquarium. These are great places but at this point, I really never feel the need to visit the aquarium again (unless of course I have friends visit, hint hint). Which makes me wonder, do other companies in cities with venues of less universal appeal have events at the quirkier spots around the US? The Corn Palace in Iowa? The Zippo Lighter Museum in Pennsylvania? Pikes Place Market in Seattle? Are those employees soooo sick and tired of their own local culture, too? I wish we could swap. Personally, I would love to see that Corn Palace!


Courtney said...

We'll come visit soon! But, we won't make you go to those places. We'll pick equally as annoying toddler places to visit. :)

eyeheartorange said...

There are a lot of fun toddler friendly places that I haven't visited yet! Puppetry Museum, Children's Museum... and I like our zoo.

Courtney said...

Yay! I think B and I might just suck it up and drive down soon...let's plan something for a weekend soon!