Friday, September 24, 2010

Guess what?

My alphabet monogram paintings will soon be available in the coolest baby boutique in Atlanta! I stopped in there today to get a gift for a shower and just blurted out to the owner what I do and she loved the images I had on my phone. I wasn't planning to talk about it today, but the opportunity sort of presented itself so I took it. Yes, I was in running clothes, no I didn't have an actual sample, just a tiny screen and some snapshots... Something I've learned that I think is very valuable is that conditions don't have to be absolutely perfect for progress to be made. I used to just skip a workout if I didn't have a full hour and a hardcore workout planned. Now, I just squeeze in a walk where I can. At the office I wouldn't bother starting a project until I had a totally free afternoon, and we all know how often that happens. So I started working bit by bit and am amazed at what gets done. I had myself convinced that I couldn't even talk to stores until I had an iPad and several samples, press kit, business cards, etc and I am sure all of that won't happen for months. What a great testament to the powers of just going for it and confidence (yes, even if you're sort of faking it).

I am so excited about this, the store carries all kinds of cool brands (Dwell Studio, BlaBla, little nest...) and I am so honored and flattered to be associated with them. I'll post on that project soon!

This weekend is kicking off with a Korean BBQ dinner party, baby shower tomorrow followed by dinner with friends and then church and date night Sunday. Hopefully there will also be healthy doses of downtime. Have a great weekend! Life is good.

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L said...

Congrats, well deserved! Fake it til you make it really works sometimes!