Thursday, September 16, 2010

to summarize:

This text exchange from this morning pretty much sums up everything that is going on in our lives right now.

T : I am buying a pillow, it is $57. (decorating)

B : A camping pillow? (camping)

T : No, for the house. (It's all about the house)

B : Is the ceiling jealous because the floor gets pillows? (Brett's passive aggressive way of poo pooing a $60 pillow purchase)

T : No, but the porch is sad because it only has one pillow and feels lopsided. (Me justifying spending. If our budget had a house psychotherapy bucket, this would go in it)

B : We have a pillow on the porch? (clueless as usual)

T : Yes - pay attention, husband! (actually I am glad he doesn't notice, makes it easier to sneak in new stuff)

B : I guess this means we need to use the porch more. (Agreed)

T : We will now that is is cooler. (thank god)

B : True, maybe we could grill some kale and beans. (haha, we are trying to eat less meat)

T : I hear grilled quinoa is lovely, too. (hmm, maybe a quinoa log or something?)

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brettjsmith said...

You think my retorts are funny, don't try to pass them off as passive aggressive!

Do these "porch pillows" get left out on rainy days, too?

By the way, I will be writing about these "floor" pillows in an upcoming post of my own...