Sunday, October 24, 2010

And they say Irish food is bad...

So not true! We had great food there. While not everything we ate was traditionally Irish, it was interesting to see how passionate about fresh, local food the Irish are. I've never had greens as diverse and delicious and all the menus listed sources for meats and fish, most coming from farms in the area. I miss the brown, dense soda bread with Irish creamery butter (one of my true food loves), creamed vegetable soups and the official vacation license to eat fried fish and mash, um, often.

Some Dublin restaurant highlights were the Tearoom at the Clarence Hotel (I had the lamb pie, amazing. I couldn't even come close to finishing it, and our cute waitress from Lithuania kept insisting that I eat more), Avoca Café (vg cappuccino, charcuterie plate and sparkling lemonade), Nude for breakfast and Davy Byrne's for drinks our last night there. In Galway, we had an super fresh lunch at the Galway Museum café, perfect curry at the House and a really memorable family meal at Ard Bia's. Irish coffee and biscuits welcomed us at our B&B in Doolin and then more fish and chip gorging at Gus O'Connor's. We ate there the next night, too, I opted for mussels and there were plenty for the family to share. One last indulgence at a cafe tucked away in the Clare countryside included a HUGE tuna melt, more bacon all over everything and homemade ice cream. Too too much. But so good. We realized after a few days that you will never be just handed the check, you almost have to get snippy to get it. But it made for some relaxed times. So fun.

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Loving the photos! I want to hear more! More!