Sunday, October 24, 2010

sew cute!

I would love to have window treatments like this in my bedroom... We have really oddly proportioned windows in there, so maybe I should try my hand at sewing? Although, making Roman shades from scratch sounds like an engraved invitation to disaster town for a beginner seamstress... Mom? You busy? My mom made us beautiful things as kids. I remember my Halloween bunny costume from 1983, it had wired ears with pink satin lining and I can still picture the hook and eye closure under the chin. Time to apply that craftsmanship to a new fall project! Pretty please?


JuneBug said...

i would say yes - roman shades are kind of hard to make. but maybe you could try this? i loved them and are thinking of doing this for our downstairs windows:

eyeheartorange said...

So adorable! I knew I could count on you for an alternate suggestion, June! I'll look into that.

Christine said...

Oh T do not under estimate your abilities... they are not really that hard... straight lines and measuring... you can do it!