Saturday, October 30, 2010


Tonight we headed out to relive our teenage years with an all-time fave. It was a fabulous show! So much fun; I knew all the words and so did everyone else. But there were a few instances of feeling, um, old.

• The woman who sold us our beer telling us we look "really good for the year we were born."
• Rivers Cuomo made multiple references to 1994, which of course makes sense, but still :)
• The kid in front of us was young enough to be our son but incredibly well-versed in all things Weezer.
• As we got out of the truck, a teenager pulled up in a golf cart and asked if we wanted a ride to the theatre, a whopping .25 mile (tops) walk. Admiring his entrepreneurial spirit, we obliged and I slipped him a ten spot because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
• I cared absolutely not at all what I wore.
• They announced an upcoming show during which they will perform their first two albums in their entirety (awesome). The name of the tour? Memories. Ouch.
• The best? They threw tp rolls out into the crowd and when I snagged a piece the thought that immediately went through my head was, "I am so going to frame this and put it in my new bathroom..."

And now we're off to bed at a very reasonable, responsible hour. Say it ain't so!


Amy said...

You are still hilarious T!

Dave said...

Uh, whose Weezer?

All I know is that it rhymes with geezer.

TPS said...

Love it, Dave. Yet another reason...

Katie said...

My most deeply ingrained weezer memory is singing the sweater song with my girlfriends in Sarah's living room, while drinking busch light (or is it lite?) in probably 9th grade, aka 1996.

We also had an old age awakening moment this weekend. The awesome bbq spot down the street from our house is celbrating its 20th anniversary with "throw back prices". I was sharing this exciting news and the prospect of getting a pulled pork sandwich and peanut oil fries for probably about 59 cents, when one of our friends pointed out that it will in fact be 1990 pricing, not 1960 pricing. Ouch, that was 20 years ago?!

L said...

Did Weezer really come to our French Club garage sale?