Saturday, November 13, 2010

tryin' a tri

Today was the official kick off of my Team in Training triathlon! I am so excited to be doing this, for a few reasons. I have always wanted to get into triathlons but it was just never the right time for me. Well, I've decided the time is right... now! It is going to be fabulous training the right way, with coaches and a team for motivation. Also, I have obviously done endurance events before, but never really with a big fund raising element and I figured if I'm going to do it anyway, might as well be for a great cause. I will more than likely be posting about fundraising sometime soon, and maybe a few more times til May. It is a hefty amount, feels daunting right now... So, perhaps you could think about that when you're thinking tax write offs later this year? Pretty please?

Cannot wait to get back into a pool that isn't surrounded by lounge chairs and sun worshippers; it has been twelve years since I swam a lap or did a flip turn. My god, can that even be right? I do have one swimsuit left over from those days, but I decided to start fresh and treated my self to a new one (not that they've changed much). And I needed goggles. Uh, goggles have come a long way since 1998! They didn't have any Swedish goggles like I used to use, but that is probably a good thing. I don't think the 31 year old skin of my delicate eye area needs to be subjected to hard plastic, I've done enough damage on my own and there's no night cream strong enough to smooth out the lines from those suckers. But, to seal in my feelings of middle age insecurity a little more, I found something amazing that I wish they'd had at MVP Sports circa 1994: prescription goggles! I was worried, this girl is in glasses all day and I don't tolerate contacts well. Presto, prescription goggles. Love. Totally worth the $20 price tag compared with the black foam variety at $7. And feeling like an old lady who needs her glasses at all times.

Woo hoo! Updates to come.

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Courtney said...

Yay! That's awesome! I've never done more than a few varying distances of a sprint triathlon, but they are definitely fun. Plus, once a swimmer, always a swimmer--I always finish the swimming portion in the top 2-3 women. And that is awesome; especially since I am not so swift on the bike part! Good luck!