Friday, August 1, 2008

I want my money back

mama mia. I'm not even capitalizing it. worst. movie. ever. But it did beat being at work this afternoon, so not a total loss. On a brighter entertainment note is the musical version of The Color Purple. Brett and I took my mom to see it at the fabulous Fox Theatre (sorry, you have to include the fabulous, it's an Atlanta thing) last weekend and I was amazed. As a rule, I can't sit through much live entertainment, especially improv comedy and musicals. But this was seriously captivating the entire way through. And I actually feel happier this week, I think, because of it. I mean, after seeing what that, albeit fictional, character went through, my life is pretty good. Not to bore you too much, dear reader, or to get up on some childless soapbox, but one of the strongest things I took away from this performance was to remember that children don't ask to be born, but once they're here, each one deserves to be loved. I actually think about that a lot. And I think a lot about all the homeless people who live in my neighborhood and how different I'll bet our childhoods must have been. Extremely sad, and really I don't have any clue what to do or how to really help in any significant way. In the meantime, I just try to offer them a smile, or um, a drink of my water.


Katie & Kyle said...

I keep meaning to tell you about a meeting I'm going to tomorrow...has to do with homeless and running. Remind me.

Fran said...

I should probably say at this point that you are on my regular nightly blog review, and each night I see the first two sentences of this post, and every day it makes me chuckle. That is all. : )