Sunday, August 24, 2008

our first big trip = success!

I like this picture since we look a little like brother and sister playing I'm Not Touching You, fitting if you consider how much time we spent in the rental car.

Since this blog claims to be partially about dating, I thought I'd give an update from that arena of my life. Brett and I have been talking about making a trip to Michigan to visit his fam and my rents for a while. Well, we finally did it. We bought the tickets a few months ago and I think the doubting, negative side of me was like, what if something happens and we break up and don't go? Or what if we get sick of each other on day 2 of an 8 day trip? What if I can't stand his parents and I am trapped in their home for 5 days? Can I limit myself to one bag and one personal item so we don't have to check a bag and I can retain my low-maintenance glam status?

Also, I might add that when we were sitting on the couch with our dualing MacBook Pros planning the trip, B turned to me and said, so if we leave on Monday, what day should we come back? I'm thinking in my head, hmmm, how about Thursday? since the idea that the first time I meet his parents is by staying at their home is in itself frightening and I think 2 days is plenty. But he quickly follows up the "question" with how about the next Monday? And not wanting to burst the dear boy's bubble, I agree.

Well, I can happily report that it was smooth, smooth sailing. Not one moment of loathing, lots of pleasant parental interaction and thanks to Dave who suggested that we go mountain biking during the Butler leg of the trip, I got to check a nice big bag because we had to pack our helmets and other biking gear (not to mention the 2 extra pairs of shoes and full size toiletries I snuck amongst the gear).

Fun times. We have two more big trips planned for the fall, go us!

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And you look absolutely STUNNING in that beach photo!!