Friday, August 29, 2008


Maybe I'll design a poster featuring another favorite adage: 
Doubt Means Don't! Courtesy of Katie (ok, and Oprah)

I just bought this from Etsy. I have wanted it since I saw it at the Shabby Chic store with my mom. We were shopping one afternoon when she was visiting Atlanta and I was like, I have to have that for my new office! My mom's like, I'll buy it for you, honey. I said, mom, this store is ri-DIC-ulously priced. Let's see how much before you trade your first born for it. It was almost $300, so her first born was safe. Well, actually she was very generous and said she'd still get it for me, but I didn't want to pull a Veruca Salt. Anyway, at $25 on, I'd say it was a bargain. They also had one for $12, but it was a really bad knock off. They used Helvetica instead of Gill Sans. As if! 


erin said...

i have this too, its red! i bought it from though. we want to hang it at our office at a&f.

eyeheartorange said...

Yup, going in my luxury cube as soon as it arrives.