Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funny people

Conversation between me and my boss today
over my cube wall:

Boss: Hey, Tera- What are boyfriend jeans?

Tera: Um, what?

Boss: What are boyfriend jeans?

Tera: Don't you read the J Crew catalog? They are jeans that are sort of narrow cut and distressed, like jeans you would borrow from your boyfriend.

Boss: But they're girls' jeans?

Tera: Yeah, they just look like guys' jeans, like how you'd borrow your boyfriend's favorite t shirt.

Boss: Oh, okay. thanks.

Tera: Why do you ask?

Boss: Uh, they're on my mom's Christmas list.

Her mom is obviously probably a little old to be within the normal target audience for boyfriend jeans. I just lost it, we laughed so hard.

Conversation between me and the meat guy at Whole Foods on Monday night while shopping for meat loaf ingredients:

Meat Guy: Hey can I help you?

Tera: I need some ground pork. My mom says it is good to use a mix of beef and pork in meatloaf.

Meat Guy: Well, it's over there already ground in that case.

Tera: Ok, I'll check it out.

Tera and Brett proceed to the meat case. They look at all the packages. The beef packages say things like, "ground beef shoulder, ground chuck loin." The pork package says, "ground pork canada."

Meat Guy walks over to help: Did you find what you needed?

Tera: Yes, but I have a question. What part of the pig is the canada (pronounced ka-NAH-da)?

As soon as the words are out, Tera realizes her mistake... She struggles for words to right her wrong, they are not there. Meat Guy and Brett dissolve into laughter and we skulk away.

Brett: At least that guy will have a funny story to tell his friends after work tonight.

Tera: I'm just here to help.


Courtney said...

Love it! Consistency really is important, though...

Anna said...

I love it! have a great weekend and give court a hug for me. Thanks for the chat last night.

L said...

Don't worry, it could be worse. Pete keeps a little notebook where he writes down all the ridiculous things I say.

Pucho V said...

Yeah, you should see this notebook, it is magnificent.