Thursday, October 15, 2009

welcome, fall!

I know pretty much everyone feels this way but I am going to go ahead and get the obligatory thank goodness it's fall post on the record. I got home from work a little early today and quickly changed into jeans, a wool sweater and boots to walk to the store with my new husband. Felt so great! We did end up spending $8.00 on 5 apples, but that's another post altogether. Also wore tights to work a few days this week with my summer dresses, drank some NYS cider courtesy of my dad, roasted vegetables, and am enjoying that magical witching hour of an obscenely low power bill between AC and heat. I already bought 13 pumpkins this year so may have gotten that part out of my system :) This weekend will definitely be the perfect time to put one our favorite wedding gifts to use. Who has a good soup recipe to share?


JuneBug said...

well, i have a rigiculously easy beef stew recipe if you happened to receive a crock pot... you can use the lecreuset for the finishing part! i'll email it.

Zoo Keeper said...

Oooohhh! I have lots!! THat's all I've been making the past few weeks. Let me know your fancy and I'll sen you some.