Wednesday, October 28, 2009


note my freckly face!

Sunday was the dreaded Marine Corps Marathon. I did ok despite a hot, humid and very lazy summer training season. It was a great course and we loved the marines. Nothing more motivating than a ,"Way to go, ma'am" from a handsome young man in uniform.

It was a fun girly weekend with Courtney, Michele, Emily and special guest appearance by Katie. And of course marathons mean an excuse to eat. And eat. Thanks, Courtney and Andrew, for a great weekend!

Immediately after the race I swore that that was it for me, but now I am rethinking. C and I decided that spring marathons are a way better idea since you can train during the colder months. Sounds like a plan!

I just checked out the action shots they take. Of course they all suck as usual. I especially love this gem of me and my ba-ba:

This would make a fantastic Christmas card, no?


Zoo Keeper said...

Who are the hunky guys running around you?!?!?! I gotta look into that for next year!! : )

Way to go!!

eyeheartorange said...

there were lots of hunky marines :) Very different clientele than the Nike Women's Marathon!

L said...

Run, Tera, run! Wow.

Courtney said...

Yay, us! It was fun, and I am ready to pick the spring one soon!

eyeheartorange said...

me too, Court! But I don't want to see another sport bean for a long, long time. xoxo